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Best Windows RT Apps

 Assemble some of the Apps which might fill the void in your library.Windows RT has been designed specially for ARM architecture based Systems such as Tablets and Windows Phone.

Windows RT has been designed specially for ARM architecture based Systems such as Tablets and Windows Phone. What is to be noticed here is Windows RT does not support Typical Windows Program. Users cannot install any third party application on Windows RT based Tablet or Phone.

In contrary to that, you can download and install Apps available on Windows Store only. Additionally, Windows RT provide better battery support, which can turnout to be an advantage for users. Before you think of replacing your ios or Android phone with Windows RT based phone, I would say think twice again. It is not worth a sacrifice.

Windows Store has only 3000-3500 Apps available for users till now, but Microsoft claims that by january 2013, the count is going to touch lakhs. Here, in this article, i’m going to assemble some of the Apps which might fill the void in your library.

1. FlipToast

How would you react if someone will tell you that there is no twitter or facebook application for Windows RT ? Shocking ?  Sure it is. Facebook and Twitter have not yet announced their official Apps for Windows RT. But you need not worry, this isn’t the end. You can satisfy you social craving with Fliptoast App available in store, which can help you connect with your friends on twitter and facebook both. You can check your notifications and update your profile in the same manner you do on facebook or twitter. Free.

2. Skype

While twitter and facebook are busy developing their official app for Windows RT, skype has their App running successfully. No matter the distance, Skype keeps you close. Whether you’re calling someone in US, or you are video chatting with your friends, Skype is good to go. With a rating of 3.5 stars, Skype tops the list of Social Apps in Windows Store.

3. News Bento

Got up late today for office and missed the headlines for today ? This could be your choice of application . News bento  act as a digital newspaper to keep you updated with what’s happening with the world. News is now on your finger tips. You can pin your fav News post to the start so that you don’t need to start the app all over again.

4. Mozilla

Your Grandpa uses Internet Explorer , So you probably want an alternative browser. Mozilla is one good alternative. I would have preferred Google Chrome, but Google has not announced official Chrome App for Windows RT .  Mozilla is for sure the next choice.

5. Pinball FX2

With Windows 8, Pinball is back. Bigger and better than before, the new Pinball FX2 stripouts  what earlier versions has to offer.

6. Ebay

This was much expected. Ebay official App is available in the Windows Store for free. No matter wherever you are, you always have access to the marketplace through this App. You can search, buy and sell products easily anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you can browse through see the daily basis deals,ebay has to offer.

7. Shazam

For all the music lovers, shazam is the way. You can discover more music, search lyrics, and recognize the songs by holding your phone next to the TV or Radio. Shazam is one easy way to the Music World.

8. Netflix

Netflix let your watch your favorites TV shows and movies online.Your System is your TV and your TV is your System. Though It is not a freeware software and users have to pay a small fee every month to enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows.

You can find more featured apps in Windows Store under Spotlight tab. Microsoft have added all its featured and top ranking Apps to the Spotlight menu.

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