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Windows RT vs. Windows 8 Pro- Which One is For You

Adding to its glorious saga, Microsoft has recently released its latest Windows version. Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft Windows comes in three categories, Windows 8, Windows Pro and Windows RT. Here you can decide Windows RT vs. Windows 8 Pro- Which One is For You.

There are some distinctive features of all these three categories. Specially, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT are too distinct from each other. Now you will decide Windows RT vs. Windows 8 Pro- Which One is For You.

Windows 8 Pro

If you try to compare them, Windows 8 Pro can be put on the same scale as Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate versions. This version is highly appealing for the tech enthusiasts and businesspersons.  Features that make it different from the rest are like Virtual Hard Disk Booting, Remote Desktop Connection, Bit Locker, Bit Locker To Go, Windows Media Center etc.

Windows RT

This version of Windows 8 comes only in preinstalled format, presently available in some of the Tablet PCs. It supports only the ARM based devices and includes touch-optimized version of Office 2013.

Here are some more distinct points to be considered between these two versions of Windows,

1)   Hardware Support

The most classifiable difference in hardware requirements of these two versions of Windows 8 is the Processor required. The Windows RT enabled devices run only on ARM based processors, whereas AMD based devices are compatible for Windows 8 Pro.

2)    Features

Some of the common features that both the versions of Windows 8 contain are like, built in apps like Mail, Messaging, Calendar, SkyDrive; inclusion of IE 10 in both the versions; BitLocker etc. However, there is a typical feature that comes with Windows RT only, and it is the Office Home and Student 2013 preview, that comes preinstalled with Windows RT devices. There are the other features like running of programs installed with the previous versions of Windows, Remote Desktop Connections, and Domain Join etc. features are available with Windows 8 Pro only, out of these two.

3)   Availability

There is no option to install or Windows RT in your old PC; also, you cannot upgrade your system to this OS. This comes with preinstalled devices only, which are ARM based. However, Windows 8 Pro comes in preinstalled devices, comes in stand-alone boxes, and you can upgrade your system with Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate to this version.

4)   Price

As the Windows RT OS comes only in preinstalled version, so you can call it priceless. However, looking towards the Window RT enabled tablets, the licensing fees for this OS should be less enough than the other versions of Windows 8. The Surface which are enabled with Windows RT are priced at around $500, in comparison to the costlier Windows 8 Pro enabled Surface.

5)   Upgrade

First, there is no option to upgrade your system to Windows RT, it comes with preinstalled devices only, and you need to buy a new device to enjoy this OS. On the other side, you can upgrade your old device to Windows 8 Pro. There are indeed some specific system requirements; however, the most important is that you can upgrade your system to Window 8 Pro from Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate only. In addition, you can upgrade to the 32-bit version from 32-bit installation, which is the same for a 64-bit installation.


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