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How to factory reset Windows 8

In this article we will tell you how to factory reset Windows 8. Here’s the complete procedure:

In case, a windows 8 computer does not work properly, it is strictly advised that one must use Windows 8 Refresh your PC option only to do the recovery. This system utility should be used when the system shows fatal exceptions unexpectedly and does not respond in a proper manner. However, if one intends to keep core system files and other core utilities for Windows 8 only and remove everything else. This reset utility tends to reset every changes made since the installation of Windows 8 OS on the system in order to get it back to its original settings. However, before going for an extreme option like resetting the entire system, one must try to Refresh the system.

  • The option to Refresh provides a little lift to how the PC performs. The option to Refresh restores the system settings and takes it back to its default mode. It also removes every application that was installed from any resources from a third party.
  • Both the utilities to Refresh and Reset are accessible easily in the Settings of Windows 8 on General Window. There is an easier option to access PC settings by bringing the charms bar pressing the hotkey combination Windows + C. There on General Window, one has to click Settings.
  • After going to the PC Settings mode, now it is time to browse more advanced options. For this purpose, one has to go to More where other setting are available.
  • The option to Refresh the system is available just under the Language control option on the General window. The Refresh utility checks if Windows registry, all the system files and other critical system components have been working properly or not. It also tries to find out any issue which may be affecting Windows files. Then this utility attempts to fix and repair the system wherever required.
  • Interestingly, this Refresh utility does not harm any of the personal files and remove them. The personal files include music, video, documents and any other such kind of file. Nevertheless, it is highly advisable to create a backup for all the important personal files. Moreover, applications that fetch data straight from Windows utilities should be saved separately as a backup for restoring them later use.
  • The process of refreshing the PC starts as the user clicks on Get Started. After that, it shows the specific changes that are going to be made while the process goes on. Then the installation disk is inserted. By clicking Next and then Refresh, one initiates the process of rebooting the system. The Refresh process is done as the computer is restarted.
  • Resetting Windows 8 to default factory setting is just like it was in any of its previous versions but the biggest difference is here the same option provides the user with an automated method to perform full Windows 8 reset. It is a one-step solution for cleaning up all the files present in the PC and starting afresh.
  • Unlike Refresh option, Reset option deletes all the personal files as well so there is no risk of leaving any trace behind. The user’s personal space is protected.
  • One may choose the kind of cleanup which comes with two options: Quick and Thorough. The latter option cleans up every file thoroughly. It is recommended for a cleaner removal of the files.
  • Next, the PC is going to reboot itself so that Registry settings can be updated and attached devices can be found and identified. After this step, the user has to enter Product key and license key thereafter. In case, one wishes to enter license key afterwards, one may skip this process.
  • The Personalization window appears as License terms are accepted. Then, Windows 8 prepares a brand new desktop after the user enters personal details.

Hope this article about how to factory reset Windows 8 helped you.

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