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Windows RT vs Android

Here’s the comparison between Windows RT vs Android. Their features and specifications are given below:

With Windows 8, Microsoft also introduced Windows RT. Windows RT has the same tiles based Metro UI common to Windows 8, however both play a totally different role technically. RT is designed for ARM processors based systems (Tablets and SmartPhones) which only supports application present within the system by default. Or you can say it only support features available through Windows Update or Windows Store apps. Additionally, RT is not designed to run the typical Windows programs. However, it comes with pre-installed Microsoft office, which is the only good thing I see about it,.

Since the PCs have turned into Tablets and Cordless into Mobile phones, everyone has their eyes on what best is available. Long awaited Windows RT tablets are beginning to appear on the radar. Windows RT tablets has just arrived in the market, and what I can see is that they are setting to fail. This could be possible because of the high market price for the Windows RT based tablets while the competitors are providing the same features for cheap. Android Market is one such example.

Android is Linux based operating system designed specially for Tablets and Smartphones. Android based phones started selling in early october 2008 and by the end of 2010 android had become the world’s leading smartphones platform, overtaking Symbian.

Researches show that android developed worldwide smart phone market share of 75% during the third quarter of 2012, with 500 million devices activated and 1.2 million activations per day. But this was just the start. Applications of the Android operating system further moved beyond the Tablets and Smartphones. Cameras, netbooks and televisions are some other applications, android is featured in.

Windows RT won’t catch up android or IOS with remaining  at number 3 until at least 2016, says a report from Gartner, the technology expert. The report also says that 1.2 billion Tablets and Smartphones will be bought in 2013, up from 820 million in 2012. The report concludes by saying android will be the operating system of the choice, estimating that by 2016, 56% of all Smartphones bought will be Android based. While Windows RT Tablets can be seen as succeeding over Windows based Smartphones. To all this, Gartner Concludes by saying, Windows RT can be seen to have smart phone market share of 36% by 2016, yet remaining at number 3 after Android and IOS. 

Windows RT tablets comes with pre-installed Microsoft office, which is a clear sign that Microsoft is targeting its tablet at the enterprise level. So is its pricing decisions. A handy Microsoft tablet could cost you around $499. With this price, it is surely not going to compete with IOS or Android tablets available for customer level. While a same android based tablet with well stuffed features and applications will cost you much cheaper.

Before you buy Windows RT tablet for business use, here’s something you must know.First and foremost, all the traditional application you use in Windows will not work on your tablet. Next, its licensing is available for home and student use only, that means you need to buy the commercial license in order to use the business apps. And while the office is pre-installed, it does not include outlook. All in all, it is going to be troublesome time for you.

No doubt, there is nothing as such available with Windows RT yet which could outstrips what Android or IOS has to offer. However, Microsoft has a brand name, and a well maintained fan list, which can turn the tables.

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