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Windows Defender Turn On Windows 8

In this article we will tell you how to turn on Windows Defender in Windows 8. Here’s the complete procedure:

Many people are not very comfortable with Windows 8 especially if they have become convenient with windows 7 and have recently downloaded the Windows 8 operating system. The reason for this is that Windows 8 has a high level of security than all the other prior versions of Windows. In windows 8,  you will have UEFI secure boot optimizations and application of a Smart Screen filter in the OS. A better version of Windows Defender has been used because of which all kinds of Spyware and Malware can be handled.

Why Should Windows Defender 8 be Activated?

Windows Defender extends the protection and saves the PC from all sorts of threats like Trojans, worms, viruses, malicious software etc. Today, as soon as you buy a computer running on the Windows 8 OS the vendors offer trial versions of the latest anti-virus. Equipment Manufacturers make a lot of money making you try the trial versions of Norton, McAfee and other security options in the PCs. Vendors turn off Microsoft Windows Defender as none of the other anti-virus will work in its presence.

Moreover, the trial version does not completely protects the system and Windows 8 Defender is also not activated as it is already turned off by vendors. The result is that your prepackaged PC becomes prone to various kinds of malware and spyware attacks.

Activating Windows Defender

So immediately you will have to activate the Windows Defender in the latest Windows 8 OS and here is how must do so-

1. Go to the new Start screen of the Windows 8 OS and put Windows Defender in the Search option to start the process of searching.

2. As soon as the icon for Windows Defender appears you will have to click on the icon.

3. Having done this will open the Windows Defender window. If the security software from Microsoft has already been disabled, then you will notice a big cross cautioning you in red.

4. Now go to the Settings tab, do not forget to select Real Time Protection in the left side and then choose the box pertaining to Turn On Real Time Protection.

5. Now click Save Changes tab present at the bottom of the window.

6. Wondering how you will know whether the steps have actually worked! You will know that it is done when At Risk bar has been removed from the screen.

7. You can also check the status as Protected and the color of the bar will become soothing green.

Checking for Leaks

Now make your PC malware free by following these steps-

1. Choose the Update tab.

2. Now go to big Update button that is situated on the middle of the window and this will make the PC aware of the latest malware details present on the Microsoft database.

3. Now open the Home tab icon and choose Full radio icon among Scan options. This may be done by clicking on Scan Now option.

4. This will take some time so hold your patience as the Windows Defender checks the computer for hidden virus and malware whose name is present on the latest Microsoft malware definition file.

5. While waiting for the application to work you may now look into the anti-Virus options of Windows 8.

If you really want to stay protected on the net from newly arising virus and malware attacks, then always keep the Update button on as it will enable your computer system to fight against the latest arising threats.

Hope this article about Windows Defender turn on Windows 8 helped you.

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