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Windows 8 Your Password has changed

In this article we will discuss about the topic on Windows 8 your Password has changed. Here’s the complete procedure:

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft with interesting features like Metro UI, revamped start screen, multi-touch support and other interesting features. But there are some issues with respect to password synchronization in Windows 8.

When you try to sync your Facebook or Twitter account with “People” App available in newly installed Windows 8 operating system, you will get the error “Your Password has changed”. After seeing this error if you try to login with new password, it will keep showing the same error and won’t synchronize with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It’s an irritating issue for users of Windows 8 operating system especially people who are more used to social media platforms. You can solve this People App issue in Windows 8 RT by using any of the techniques mentioned below,

  1. First login with your local account to Facebook or Twitter and then reboot your tablet/PC. Then login back to People App through Microsoft account and confirm your installation details with username and password. Now the People App displays the Skype and Facebook accounts, Go to details and add your Facebook login information.
  2. If you have a Microsoft account using Gmail and facing issues with Sync in People App, try to create a live account and link it with your Gmail account for easier synchronization.
  3. You can also reset your Windows 8 password to solve the above issue. In order to reset the password just click Alt + Ctrl + Delete and choose “Change password” option for opening the password management screen. Enter the Old password, new password and also the hint for remembering the password and click Next button. Now it will show a message that your password has changes.
  4. You can also reset the password for Windows 8 operating system through Computer management. Go to bottom-left corner of start screen and right click to view start menu and click on Computer Management. Expand the panel and select Users menu from Local Users and Groups/Users in the system tools panel. Now double-click on the target user account for which you want to change the password from the list of users. Right click on the account name and choose “Set Password” option. Read the instruction provided in the prompt and click proceed to change the password. Enter the new password and save changes. Once done you can reboot your system and login with new password. When you reset the password using above method, it will automatically get synchronized with People account and you can access the social media platforms easily.
  5. The last option to reset the password in Windows 8 OS is through password recovery tool. You can use this tool for creating a password reset disk which can help you to login to your Computer when you have forgotten the password. You can download Password reset software from Vodusoft which is very effective. Once you have installed this password recovery software, you can use a blank CD/DVD or Thumb drive to create a password recovery disk. Once you have installed the software on the disc, restart your system and login to Windows 8 BIOS while booting using the F2 function keys. Now select the boot option and click Windows 8 password recovery disc. The Password reset wizard will appear and click the Reset button and selecting the corresponding user account. Now restart the system again and you can login to Windows without using a password.

By using the above techniques you can solve the issue of “Your password has changed” in Windows 8 operating system.

Hope this article about Windows 8 Your Password has changed helped you.

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