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Windows 8 Go Launcher Theme v1. 5 APK

In this article we will tell about Windows 8 Go Launcher theme v1. 5 apk. Here’s the complete information about it: 

Windows 8 Go Launcher theme is an exceptional application created by Sungjung. This personalization app has achieved consistent 4 star rankings amidst a range of windows go launcher theme applications. Go launcher can be seamlessly used on business and home desktops; netbooks, laptops, tablet pc and Media centre Pc’s and many other devices. With this specific launcher an android phone could emulate the Windows 8 UI on an Android device. This app has replaced all the home applications with the flagship Windows tiles as default option and can access each and every feature on their mobile device without reducing the visibility or usability of the device. Users can also change the default tiles of the home screen with the applications such as messaging, mails, phone, browser etc. This launcher also enables users to add shortcut link to some of the social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. For using the theme user will have to download and install it on their device from the Play-Store. Although criticized ethically for replacing the default Android behaviour and usability, Windows 8 Go Launcher theme has set an unorthodox trend.

For scintillating visual effects the user should press the menu option and do some changes by clicking on the preferences and then to the Visual settings followed by Icons. Users can customize the size of the icons.

Here are some of the key features of this cult theme, available for most Android flavours:

  • A large and unique option of configuration is available for the various tiles such as news, Gmail, Weather forecasts, Calendar, twitter etc.
  •  Positioning of the tiles can also be changed with the help of the drag and drop. Even they can be re-ordered according to the groups
  • Sizes of the icons could be changed with the help of the menu options-size icons
  • Countries could be selected for specific news update from the preference options. Where they will have to specify the Country name and the niche of news the user is interested in like entertainment, Sports, stock markets, international etc.
  • The latest 1.5 apk has also extended support for controlling the capability of widgets like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ring mode, Airplane mode, brightness of the screen etc.
  • Users are also allowed to change the colour of the icon. For which they will have to click for the longer duration. There are three options through which the colour can be changed such as- Associate applications, change application colour and the last is the home screen.
  • There are some additional options of icons and styles of the tiles which could be customized according to the user preferences. User can also remove or add the tiles for the menu options.
  • The weather feed is generated based on the location of the user.  Users can customize news and other region specific settings based on the location of the device.Many droid users have accepted the Windows 8 Go launcher theme v1. 5 for its uniqueness and has endowed it the status of a trend setter.



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