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Windows 8 Apps for Writers

In this article we will tell you about Windows 8 apps for writers. Some of the best Windows 8 apps for writers are

Very often writers do not like to draft directly on WordPress and neither do they like to use one of the blogging app because it is not cost-effective. Writers need minimal, less distracting computer apps which help them in their writing endeavors!

Some of these Windows 8 apps are not just convenient to use, but also they can excite your creative impulses by playing the right music. Here are some of them-

1. Windows Live Writer 2012

Being basically a desktop application, the Windows Live Writer is an amazing app that helps in creating blogs and content using Windows Live Spaces or your blogging service. It has a WYSIWYG blog editor as well as various functionality for posting pictures and maps. It includes a SDK tool that allows the writer to publish more content varieties. Windows Live Writer also works well with Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress or TypePad.

2. Write Monkey

Write Monkey can help you to remove all clutter ideally from your computer. It saves you from all sorts of distraction and helps you to only deal with words! People, who are trying to finish up a book or are just trying to blog or send mails, can use this app conveniently. The app is included with not just a spell checker but also a tool that enables you to look for phrases and words in online resources such as Wikipedia. You can also keep track of your progress by setting the parameters. Just use this app and know your productivity!

3. Q10

Without Q10, the list of convenient apps for writers remains unfinished. It is made for writers and caters to their needs like spell check, word count, alarm and time. If you look for so many formatting tools this may not be your choice, but if you want non-distracting word processor you are at the right place.

4. Focus Writer

Being of the genre of normal text writer, focus writer does not attach much to the grueling word processing apps. When you view this Windows 8 app in full screen, you will see only the background and the content and nothing else (no toolbars). Are you interested in customized themes? You can create custom themes, backgrounds, fonts and find a tool that allows hunting a word easily in the content. This app too allows you to set targets and analyze them. It is extremely preferred by professional writers, and they feel that the feature of rolling the cursor revealing basic file information like word count, title and time gives them an analyzed approach to their work. Writers can also enjoy a serene atmosphere devoid of distractions from this app.

5. Writing Type

If you are looking for the ideal organization tool that provides best blogging experience that is suitable for poets, writers and creative professionals, probably this app will interest you. You can type and organize your novel and work with Windows 8. You can also transport your documents to PDF format and easily post an entire project or even a specimen of your work via mailing service to any other app supporting text service.

6. QuietWrite

QuietWrite is a web-based Windows 8 application that lets you share your content and thoughts quite akin to the desktop text editors. QuietWrite can also fulfill all the traditional work of the apps for writers like word count and time track. Very few clicks allow you to post blogs and access to the cloud system. Its unique auto-saving mode lets you save your document every second.



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