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Speed up Windows 8 Boot

In this article we will tell you how to speed up Windows 8 Boot. Here’s the complete procedure:

You must be facing problems with Windows 8 if your computer has minimum requirements for it. Over time,  you will notice the accumulation of temp files, messed registries, uninstalled programs and bad file fragments. This definitely kills speed and the only way put is to get a new RAM.

However, you can also try these alternatives-

Clutter-free your Start-up Folder

You must disable all the unnecessary software that increase the boot time of your Windows 8 PC. For doing so, just follow the path stated: [Note]C:[username]App dataroamingMicrosoftwindwsstart menuprogramsstart-upnote].

Now here you will notice some software that start with the start-up menu and you just delete those that are not required. Yet in case if you are planning to run them in some point of time, you can run them after your computer boots up.

Disable Unwanted Apps while Starting Up

Over time,  many apps are installed in your computer that starts along with the computer simultaneously. They lie hidden often and this kills time while booting up. To remove such apps that are not on your preferred list, open your task manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del. Now at the start up tab you will notice the list of programs which are started at the time the computer boots up. Depending on the start-up impact now disable some that you do not want by right clicking. The apps that have been disabled will not run from the next boot up session and when required they may be run individually as ordinary program. Wondering how to look for them? Simply type the name on the ‘search’ option in the context menu.

Disable Lower Priority Services on Starting Up

Just like the apps, there are many services that do not need to start up with the computer OS. Identify them and you must disable them to improve boot-up time. Go to ‘Start’, and then go to the ‘Run dialog box’. Now typing services.msc choose ‘Enter’. Here, you will see all the services that are not so necessary and by right clicking you may choose to disable them.

Disabling Animations for Speed

Every time you maximize, minimize or close programs you will see animations. But this may affect the speed of your system a little. So if you genuinely want to speed up the boot-up process you must disable this function. For doing so go to the RUN command window and typing SystemPropertiesAdvanced, you must press ‘Enter.’ This operation will open the system properties with the advanced tab. Now choose the ‘setting’ button and click on the ‘performance’ section. This will open the ‘performance options’ and as soon as you disable the unwanted checkboxes in the window the animations will not hinder anymore.

Hacking Windows 8 Registry for Improving Speed

To improve further speed, you will have to hack the registries. You must end the tasks of all the apps or applications that are now unresponsive but are taking the time to close. Downloading registry tweak zip files can offer a lot of help and opening this file you will have to choose ‘Yes’ when a dialog box appears to save your time while booting.

Disable Windows Indexing

Windows index services keep track of your files and indexes them. But these services put a certain amount of load in the CPU that may waste time. To stop this you will have to go to the RUN command window and typing services.msc, press ‘Enter’. Now locate the ‘Search’ service windows and go to ‘Properties’. Now in the window set the type of start-up as ‘disabled’.

Hope this article about speed up Windows 8 Boot helped you.

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