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Windows 8 Apps for College Students

In this article we will tell you about windows 8 apps for college students. Here’s the list of some.

It is new, it is awesome, smart, exquisite and more importantly 80% of the apps are free!

Yes, you guessed it right. It is the new Windows 8 and the versatility of its functionality for which everyone is going gung-ho these days. This article throws light on an exclusive topic of ‘College Student Apps’ that run on Windows 8 platform and how these can help the students.

  • Time & Task Management

First thing first and students have to keep up with the time table to complete many tasks. “Task Tomato” is a wonderful Windows 8 student appWindows 8 Apps for College Students which acts like a day planner, workflow display, timer and re-orderable To-do list. More importantly, this app runs like a game and adds fun to the life. The perfect blend of Kanban workflow, Pomodoro technique and of course the multifaceted Windows 8 make “Task Tomato” as a hot favorite for the students to surge ahead from the rest. Task the tasks

  • Information at Finger Tips

World runs on information and hence it must be available for quick reference. We all know that it is Wikipedia that supplies information on almost anything that a human mind can know. The official Wikipedia App for Windows 8 is a free app that allows the users to pin the articles to read later. Also, users can share the articles on other applications. The default features of Wikipedia like multi-lingual interface, online search etc. are maintained.

  • Maintain uninterrupted Interactions

Alongside of the information, interaction too is vital for a comprehensive academic progress. There is no harm in leveraging the modern technologies to excel in studies and so students who use Windows 8 can go for Skype app that connects them with their peers, mentors, friends and family. This app will work like a stress buster for the freshmen who would have left their beloved ones to pursue good education. They can win over the nostalgic feelings and focus on studies. Windows 8 has added an exciting feature to this app by which users can receive Skype calls even while their PCs/laptops are locked.

  • Mapping the Thoughts & Weaving the Ideas

Modern student is not just a learning pupil but also an evolving entrepreneur or professional. Their minds are brimming with ideas, bubbling with passion to do something special and already enjoying the taste of ‘earnings’, albeit subtly. M8! Is an exciting mind-mapping app of Windows 8 that helps the users for connecting the dots of their ideas or plans. M8! Is a perfect brainstorming tool for the aspiring leaders.

  • Sports & Entertainment

Life would be incomplete without sports and entertainment. Students too are not excluded from enjoying them. Windows 8 offers exclusive ESPN app for sport lovers and Netflix app for the movie buffs. These apps can be personalized so that the users can get what they want rather than scrolling through the heaps of unwanted material. Relaxation helps the students to revitalize their stressed minds and bodies and Windows 8 is just doing the right thing by offering these apps.

There are many such wonderful and useful apps that are available for Windows 8 and all that users have to do is to browse through Microsoft’s apps stores.

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