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Windows 8 Gadgets

In this article we will tell you about windows 8 gadgets. Here’s the complete detail.

Before starting with the article let me tell you some facts about windows 8.

Microsoft has removed the gadgets from windows 8. It’s actually not providing the gadgets, but other than that they are providing apps now. So if you want to add the gadgets on your windows 8 then you have to download an app to have the gadgets on your system.

So in this article I’ll tell you some of the apps that can provide you the same gadgets that you were using in previous versions of windows.

In this article we are going to tell you about 2 apps i.e., 8GadgetPack & Gadgetarian which can make you add the gadgets in your windows 8. We’ll prefer the first one i.e., 8GadgetPack.

Description of both the apps is given below


8GadgetPack is the best app that you’ll find to add the gadgets in Windows 8. It is easy to install and it includes much more gadgets than the other apps. So, what you have to do is open the 8GadgetPack, download the installer and run it. After starting the installer, you can see that the old windows sidebar is there containing the gadgets.  If you want the gadgets on your desktop then just drag gadgets to your desktop screen and you’ll get the old gadgets on your desktop.

If you don’t want the sidebar on your desktop screen then just right click on it and choose the option saying close sidebar.

You can easily hide and show the desktop gadgets. To do so, just right click on desktop, go to view, and you can select and deselect the icon show desktop gadgets.

8GadgetPack provides a variety of gadgets like, weather, clock, sticky notes, calendar, and slideshow widgets. There are some gadgets for monitoring your system’s CPU usage, battery power, hard drive info, GPU usage, and processes. There are some widgets like, Gmail, watch eBay auctions, and read RSS feeds.

There are some shortcuts like safely remove drive, access your recycle bin, and launch apps. It currently provides 45 gadgets with it.


We tried Gadgetarian too, just to check that whether we were providing you the best Windows 8 gadget solution or not. It works too like 8GadgetPack, and it’s just installing the same gadgets that were removed by Microsoft in Windows 8.

However, it has no added advantage over 8GadgetPack, but only disadvantages. It does not contain any graphical installer, what you have to do is after downloading the zip file you have to copy the unzipped files to C:WindowsSystem32 folder and run an install script as administrator. Once it is installed, you can only have 14 gadgets to play with which are very much less than the 45 gadgets provided by 8GadgetPack.

So if you want to select the best gadget installer for your system then we’ll recommend that you try 8GadgetPack.

Hope this article about Windows 8 gadgets helped you.

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