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Latest Windows 8 Mobile Apps

In this article we will tell you about some of the latest windows 8 mobile apps. Here’s the list of some.

Windows Phone 8 is the latest version of Windows phone after Windows Phone 7. It comes with improved file system, security components, network stacks, drivers, media and graphic support. It supports high resolution graphics and multi-core CPUs. It can extend storage through MicroSD cards and has a 128-bit Bitlocker encryption system for better security.

Windows Phone 8 has Internet Explorer 10 as a built-in web browser for improved web accessibility. It also supports ‘Near Field Communication’ for quick data transfer and synchronization and ‘Wallet’ for money transaction using credit or debit cards saved in the phone.

One of the main features of Windows phone 8 is that it supports apps. Apps can be downloaded from the Windows Store. There are numbers of apps available in Windows Store and new apps are being added continuously. Here’s a list of latest Windows 8 mobile apps available in the Latest Windows 8 Mobile AppsWindows Store:

YouTube HD

YouTube HD is the best YouTube player for windows phone 8 which let you watch videos in standard or high definition and also download videos to your Windows phone free of cost. Just login to the YouTube account and you are ready to watch any video through a very nice and attractive interface. You can also browse through videos, mark any video as favourite, subscribe to channels and share videos through your social networks or emails. Its main features are:

Watch YouTube videos online.

Upload your own video to YouTube.

Download video from YouTube easily.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the best PDF document reader available across any platform. Just install this app from Windows Store and access all your PDF documents easily, even the password-protected ones. The main features of Adobe Reader are:

View and access PDF documents.

Access password-protected PDF.

View and access ‘Sticky Notes’.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder is an app which lets you to record calls and play them later on. You can also add the contact’s name or number for the recorded audio and mark any recording as your favourite. It is very easy to use and can be activated in few taps while the call is being made. You can also play the recording back later from the application.


TeamViewer is an application that allows the user to remote control any Windows, Mac or Linux device. It provides support for accessing apps on your computer remotely when are away from your computer. It is free to use and very easy to set up. The main features are:

Remotely control your Windows, Linux or Mac computers.

256-bit AES encoding and 1024-bit RSA key exchange to maintain high standard of security.

Computer and contacts list to show the list of your devices and contacts.

eBuddy Lite Messenger

eBuddy Lite Messenger is the best chat app available for Windows phone 8 that integrates with your Facebook, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ accounts to let to chat with any and everyone in your contact, all at the same time. You don’t need to open different chat messengers for different social accounts. eBuddy connects you to all of your contacts from different social platforms at the same time.

With these latest apps, your Windows phone 8 has become more powerful tool and fun to use.

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