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Unexpected twist to Kalanick’s fate as Uber employees sign petition requesting his reinstatement

Uber employees are aggressively circulating a petition requesting the Board of investors to reinstate Kalanick. The news broke out after a copy of the letter went online.

It mainly states that no human is perfect, however, anyone can evolve learning from their mistakes. Kalanick is the right choice when it comes to the success of Uber and that he is the right person to lead the employees. The petition asks the Board to reconsider Kalanick’s registration. Moreover, asking the Board to place him back in an operational role in Uber.

When Kalanick resigned from his role as CEO of Uber. There was discontent evident among employees in the firm. The employees shared their views online and painted a better picture of Kakanick. Some even describing him as a good person being the target of unruly press and media groups.

One of the employees at Uber who is the product manager wrote in a Facebook post that she is angry, sad, flustered, confused, but mostly heartbroken. After the news of Kalanick’s resignation.

After Kalanick officially stepped down from his role as the CEO of Uber. The management team sent out staff email acknowledging in accepting his resignation. The email described Kalanick as a person who puts Uber at first and then himself. Therefore, he took such an extreme step to save Uber from further turmoil.

The email went on to praise Kalanick for his commitment to the firm. His dedication and helpful nature towards his employees. Moreover, making sure that Uber is filled with entrepreneurial energy at all levels of its workings. Therefore, the employees at Uber will always remember his contribution and forever grateful to have worked with him.

The email is in circulation within the Uber’s internal network. The letter is anonymous and asking the other Uber employees to contribute with their support and add an additional note to help this cause. The idea is to impact the Uber Investors.

Uber Employees

This year has seen a lot of troubles for the company and its employees. The sexual harassment cases have seen a spiralling of events. Leading towards Kalanick’s resignation and several senior executives leaving the firm.

Uber’s main leadership have already left the firm. The fate of the company is in doubt. Moreover, seeing this trend might have urged the employees to vent out their frustration against the Investors. Employees trying to make Investors realise that they have made a mistake by letting go of Kalanick.

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