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Uber fires executive for obtaining medical records of rape victim

Yes! Finally Uber realises the responsibility of the company towards the safety and security of women and the society. The deed of obtaining medical records of rape victim by an executive has been dealt firmly. This Executive is Eric Alexander, the President of Uber in Asia Pacific. The name and position of the executive clearly proves that misconduct runs even in the top level management of the company.

Uber has gained a bad name in India after the rape incident held in 2014 in Delhi. After that, Uber was banned for several months and the driver was arrested and life sentenced to prison. When the company was on its way to apologising publicly, it was at this time when Alexander made his way to India to seek into the matter and clear the bad image of his company.


In order to do so, he obtained the medical reports of the rape victim. He not only successfully obtained the medical reports, but also had the audacity to show it to the CEO Travis Kalanick and SVP Emil Michael. Alexander was convinced that this rape incident was one of the tactics used by the competitors to degrade their value in the market. He further tried to convince other officials.

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The astonishing part is that the medical reports were read, taken into consideration for arriving at conclusions for the benefit of their company. It was straightaway not declined and Alexander was not shown the door. Instead, he carried the medical records with him for a year before other executives destroyed it.

Some resources stated the opinions of other executives of Uber. One of them said, “Travis never should have looked at the report and he should have fired him immediately.” This statement reflects that the report stating the woman’s rape incident false was taken under consideration by the higher officials at Uber, just for the sake of company’s reputation.

Although now it appears that the company has taken the bold step of firing such executives. On Tuesday Uber Technologies Inc fired twenty other employees who were involved in sexual harassment allegations and other such claims. If this is the starting of the elimination of unprofessionalism and criminal actions, then we hope to see new safety features by Uber to make Uber rides safe and secure for all individuals.


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