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Google snubs Uber. Collaborates with Lyft for Driver-less Automobiles

 The race for bringing self-driven automobiles in the market has escalated in the Silicon valley as two of the companies have signed up a deal for collaboration.

Waymo, a sub-organization of Google has signed up the deal with Lyft, a leading start-up company for collaborating together and bringing up autonomous cars for the future in the mainstream market through product development as well as pilot projects.

The spokesperson of both companies claimed that the companies shared a common and better vision for the autonomous automobiles market. They have a common vision for providing the people with better transportations.


However, according to reports, all this is done to uplift the competition game up in the market and giving cutthroat competition to rivals. Both the companies are reported to have a professional entanglement with the most esteemed car-rentals Uber. Uber has gone through some legal issues with Ola recently and now yet another setback is waiting for it.

For the time-being, both Waymo and Lyft have decided not to disclose of what they would bring to the market and even the details provided are negligible. In the present scenario, it is concluded that Waymo will test its products on Honda.

The rivals Uber have announced that for future markets self-driven cars would be essential and they have already announced similar plans in Toronto. They have also set up their Technology Research Center in Pittsburgh which will research on autonomous automobiles. Uber also had its eyes on Otto, which is a start-up dealing with self-driven trucks and took its possession last year. Uber invested nearly $680 million for the same.

To conclude, the final reports say that Waymo is ready to launch its autonomous cars and Lyft will test and improve the machinery as Lyft doesn’t have any plans to develop its own driverless fleet.

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