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Twitter buys Virtual Hangout Startup – Top Trending News

Here are today’s top trending stories from the world of technology…Check it out…


Twitter buys Virtual Hangout Startup

A user browsing Twitter on Smartphone…image source: Pixabay

Twitter has decided to bid adieu to the eventful 2020 by acquiring a small conversational startup Squad. This small conversational startup lets its users to hang out with their friends & acquaintances through video chat and screen sharing. The details of the deal have not been disclosed and the possibility of acquihire cannot be ruled out. What makes this deal appear as an acquihire is the fact that Squad’s entire team including its co-founders will join Twitter. Besides, Squad’s app will stop operating from as early as tomorrow. Following this acquisition, Twitter is expected to offer a unique way of conversation to its users.

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Airbnb’s IPO turns out to be a blockbuster affair

Airbnb’s IPO debut became an historic affair as investors flocked to buy the shares of home rental major with a frenzy.  With the investor giving thumbs up, Airbnb’s stock ended at $144.71, far above its actual IPO price of $68. Not to mention Airbnb’s market valuation breached $100 Bn valuation mark, technically making it the world’s most valued startup. However, Airbnb will have to stretch itself to hang to this lofty valuation. In another development, Investors have also given thumping reception to DoorDash’s IPO to give its portfolio investors including SoftBank an impressive exit. According to reports, SoftBank has made nearly $10 Bn gain via DoorDash’s IPO and has offset the heavy loss incurred due to WeWork’s botched up IPO.

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Oracle is moving its corporate headquarter out of Silicon Valley

Oracle is all set to move its headquarter out of the Silicon Valley and shift it to a new location Austin, Texas. The IT giant will be the latest big tech company that has chosen to move out of California. Oracle has said that shifting to a new location will augur well for its long-term growth with its majority of its employees still working from home. The last big company to move out to California was Tesla.


Key people supervising Facebook’s hate & violent content have resigned Post-US election

One of Facebook’s prominent data scientists has left the company after two years stint. The latest resignation will mark the departure of yet another key employee post US election. It is not a mere coincidence, all these recently departed employees were primarily responsible for curbing the spread of violent and hateful content on the social networking platform. They unanimously agree that the social networking giant is not doing enough to curb the spread of hate-mongering content.

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