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Importance of Training Employees on New Technology

Introduction of new technology requires training of employees. Find below the importance of training employees on new technology.

Integrating new software in any organization can be fast track plan towards Success-Town; it can also be a recipe for disaster without adequate employee training. Though some employees possess specific software processing abilities required by their company, others have to trained, and new recruits may be coming from smaller companies still relying on paper based contract management and processes.

So what should be the way forward when new software is rolled out within an organization? Typically the first instinct of management would be to send employees to general technology-training institutes, or more usual, leave it to them to learn its use. However, in both circumstances, they won’t be able to leverage software to its maximum capacity.

Training New & Existing Employees Before New Software Rollout

Also, traditional training methods don’t exactly explain employees of their overall responsibilities or identify prior knowledge they may possess. Companies should therefore follow training best practices associated with new software rollouts, including some of these:

Utilize test companies

When a company is integrating a new software system, a sample/test company is created that lets the original organization copy business data from current systems into test company systems. This lets employees use the information and get used to features and processes of the new software, without any risk to the actual data.

Microsoft for example provides a test company called FabriKam in some software systems. It’s one of the fictional companies Redmond uses with fake data, mostly for testing and documentation for companies using its software.

Rely on software vendor training

Reputable software companies offering CRM, contract management and other software solutions usually offer on-site and online training programs to new recruits and employees with skills needing a refresher.

For example; Contract Logic’s contract management software training includes education and training courses to increase the efficiency and productivity of new and existing employees. Vendors providing such software solutions offer multiple training options ranging from online training to 24 hours access to how-to video tutorials. Companies can also opt to pay a nominal fee to the vendor for higher level training and accuracy.

Make leaders

It can be difficult to achieve training goals without having leaders on the team. Training leaders translate into staff members who adapt to new software quickly and can be termed as expert level users. Every department using the new software would benefit from team leaders.

It is a good option to choose people who are approachable and possess communication skills. A company can also select a team of employees to receive training and education from software vendors, and then have that team pass on knowledge and skills to other employees of the organization… This is a good way to save on high training costs.

Present a bigger picture

The staff that will be affected by the rollout should be presented the bigger picture; by understanding how software will drive their work and increase production, they will understand it’s an important part of the organization and will go out of their way to learn about its processes.

The transition into new software systems can be quite smooth if employees understand how various features and options is attached to their productivity and overall company goals. Clear vision and adequate training often pays handsome dividends in the long run.

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