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Worst Email Mistakes

Email drafted with mistakes will make you feel embarrassed and can bring your reputation down. Get tips to avoid worst email mistakes in this article.

Sending email or online fax has vastly improved the way we send written business correspondence and text-oriented documents to customers and business contacts. In fact, it has become so overly familiar to many business owners and employees alike that there is this tendency to be complacent about how email or online fax is sent over.

There will be times when even the most judicious professional may commit acts of carelessness when sending emails or online fax and for sure, the consequences can in extreme cases, be costly.

Get tough on yourself and do the right things all the time. Think of the items in the list below as constant reminders of how you must behave as a professional worker who corresponds responsibly with coworkers, customers and contacts:

Do not misspell people’s names.

The most basic of all errors commonly committed by email and fax senders. Sometimes has the potential to turn off company CEOs or customers when repeated many times over by regular senders. Help yourself do this right by referring to business cards of the people you need to send fax or email to. Wrongly spelled names in business correspondence are usually the result of laziness and haphazard paperwork. Recipients can either be amused or irked by such little gaffs the first time around and may politely rectify you in some way about it. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.


Do not leave the subject field blank.

Recipients are most likely to miss out on your online fax or email when you fail to put a title on the subject field. Keep in mind that you are only one among many email and online fax senders who may probably number in the hundreds in any particular recipient’s mailbox. In the first place, you need to put in a sense of importance to whatever message you send to recipients and that’s what subject titles are for: To provide recipients a quick main idea of a document’s contents. Leaving something of such importance blank may get you the same response.

Stop labeling everything as “Urgent”.

Email to fax logs in usual user interfaces are so easy to read through. RingCentral fax logs, for example, display logs visually by time, date, sender name, file name and file size. So whenever you send email or fax to any particular recipient, it is sure to get stored in logs that bear your name next to the file name. Imagine all files in such mailbox with the word “urgent” in them sitting next to your name and you can pretty much get the picture. This is enough to wring the urgency dry. Expect the “urgent” label to soon lose its context on the recipient who’s likely to replace it mentally with “low priority.”

Do not send out a blanket request.

Jobseekers applying for openings and freelancing professionals often make this mistake out of sheer laziness. Of course, you can rack up a list of prospective employers to send job interview requests to as much as you like, but don’t be surprised if not even one of those in that list of yours responds. Multiple company fax numbers and email addresses lumped together one after the other in the To field can be quite annoying for company human resource personnel to receive and read. Take the time to send out these requests individually to companies. Plus, it makes you look a lot less desperate than you probably are.


You would not want to lose customers owing to these mishaps. Definitely, you can’t afford to lose your job for much the same reason either.

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