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BYOD Review

 BYOD has increased its reputation among many entrepreneurs by its features. Find the complete details about BYOD in the article detailed below.

In the last few years, BYOD (also known as bring your own device) has increased in popularity among entrepreneurs. With an influx of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, and an increased demand for flexible mobility options, there’s an ever-growing number of businesses and companies that are adopting this new industry trend.

If you’re an entrepreneur unclear about what BYOD is and its advantages, read on to find about how this new way of operating a business will benefit not only you and your company, but your employees too.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

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According to Xigo’s 2012 “Mobility Temperature Check” study, the primary reason for implementing BYOD into the workplace is to keep employees satisfied. How does this new technological trend make employees happy?

Ultimately, it comes down to employees favoring their own mobile device, no matter whether they’re at home or at work. This allows employees to stay connected all the time and allows for flexibility in a multitude of possible circumstances.

So how does your employees’ happiness affect you (the entrepreneur)?

Employee Productivity

Not only does BYOD allow employees to work when and where they want, which increases productivity, but employees in general are willing to put in more effort and produce better work if they’re happy with the company they work for. What this means for you, the entrepreneur, is that your investment in BYOD and your employee pays off, saving you money when it comes to rehiring talent or paying overtime to make up for unproductive hours.

Infrastructure Utilization

Companies invest a lot of time and money into their infrastructures, especially when they adopt wireless technology and cloud computing services. In doing so, a business must make sure that the use of mobile devices doesn’t put too much strain on the network. Through performing careful monitoring and implementing strong enterprise mobility management strategies, businesses ensure they’re maximizing their resources and accommodating employees’ devices, all while maintaining data security too.

Cost Issues

When implementing a new way of conducting business, entrepreneurs oftentimes evaluate how the new strategy improves operations and whether it saves money. In a pure BYOD environment, where employees are responsible for their mobile device and plan, the company cuts a significant amount of expenses it would otherwise be responsible for.

Keep in mind, though, that there’s also a hybrid version of the BYOD environment, where employees are asked to pay for their devices but the company pays for their usage. In other scenarios, the employees pay for both and the company reimburses them later.

While cost savings in a hybrid environment aren’t guaranteed, in terms of hardware and software, entrepreneurs must remember to consider other factors such as employee productivity and performance when determining the overall value of the program.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to test different strategies that could enhance your company’s operations and make it more efficient. In most cases, it’s about making money while saving it. Consider implementing the BYOD program into your workplace to do both. With advanced mobile technology here to stay for many years to come, it’s a shame not to take full advantage of its benefits.



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