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Technology Predictions for 2014

Technology is evolving with each passing day. This article will tell you about some technology predictions of 2014.

Technology is rapidly growing and by the year 2014 we expect lot more innovations and new technologies to be introduced. Information technology will become more complicated and pervasive with lot of new advancements like advanced tablets, advanced smart phones, data center products, improved social media, cloud computing and various other innovations.

  1. Cloud computing and cloud storage is one of the most popular and progressing technologies which is expected to have a great boom in the year 2014. Cloud storage will be used more by all technology companies to store their data, media and useful information. The data will get hosted by 3rd parties which can be accessed anywhere using internet. Cloud storage services such as Amazing iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox will become more popular and there will advancements in cloud security and improved storage by 2014.
  2. Cyber-physical systems are another technology prediction for 2014 which is combination of software and hardware to control physical thing. Some of the examples of such systems are automated mass-transit systems, anti-lock brakes, automated security systems etc. We can use this technology to automate certain complex tasks without need of human intervention.
  3. 4G and 5G wireless technologies will take a new dimension in the year 2014 with improved speeds of data transmission. Already 4G technologies are relevant in current smart phones like iPhone 5 and Samsung S4. Similarly 5G technology which can increase the download bandwidth and also with improved security.Technology Predictions for 2014
  4. Cyber security will also see major advancements in 2014 which involves preventive methods for safeguarding data in network. Innovations security devices including State full Firewalls, IPS and IDS systems will get introduced in the coming year which will help in storing confidential information in Cloud storage and minimize infrastructure costs.
  5. Google Glass is one of the technological treats that will get introduced to general public in 2014. This amazing device from the search giant presents hands-free access to web and includes a head-mounted display. They look like usual spectacles but they have an electronic screen instead of lens and you can use voice commands to control the system. There is a minute gyroscope which indicates the position of the user and side frame contains touch pad and audio output. There is also button at top to record videos and photos along with in-built camera. This amazing gadget will have a great welcome among users around the world.
  6. Genetic engineering and DNA sequencing technology will have more advancement in 2014 which will bring great changes to field of medical science. With use of Nano-fluidic chips genetic engineering and personal DNA sequencing can help doctors to provide more accurate diagnosis and better treatment for dangerous diseases like Cancer, tuberculosis etc.
  7. Further advancements in technology include Advance manufacturing which will make use of Information technology to improve the quality of products manufactured. The reliability and performance of manufacturing will be improved through IT standards and reduce the production time of complicated machines. For instance, GE Aviation is planning to use Advance Manufacturing technique to develop new categories of ceramic which can surpass the metallic alloys that are used in manufacturing of jet crafts. Advanced manufacturing will make of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing techniques to improve the efficiency of design and industrial production.
  8. Big data will also see some improvements in 2014 which involves massive collection of data which cannot be analyzed using traditional database tools. Big data analytics is a collection of complex data sets including e-mails, surveillance videos, photos, business transactions etc.
  9. Agile development is also another burgeoning technology area which will have rapid growth in 2014. Agile software development helps to maintain the simplicity of code and delivering the results in small iterative packages instead of single large solution. This helps in improving scalability and addressing the critical issues very quickly.
  10. There will also be new improvements in online education which includes new platforms such as MOCC or Massive Open Online Course which is web-based medium for providing online education to large-scale population. They can be used for improving the ease of access for higher education to students all over the world.

Similarly there will be many areas of improvement in technology especially with Cloud Computing, Social media platforms, Big data and mobility during the year 2014.

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