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T-Mobile G1 is available now

T-mobile G1

Google Android powered T-mobile G1 had been launched on Oct 22, 2008. Here is the complete detail about it.

If you’re a U.S. resident(lucky !) then there’s hardly any reason left not to give G1 a try(ask the desperate G1 fans outside U.S.)

Comparisons to iPhone3G are inevitable and it’s already proven(even before G1’s public release) that iPhone will now have to battle against its real killer(all other Smartphones look technologically backward now !)

And yes,Oct 22 is going be remembered for many events happening for the first time.

Take a look…

  • It’s the first Google’s Android powered Smartphone in the world
  • It’s the biggest ever launch of any T-Mobile handset in their history
  • It’s also Google’s debut in the world of telecommunication
  • It’s reportedly the launch of cheapest 3G Smartphone ever

Street View

As the doors to T-Mobile’s San Francisco store on Market St. opened earlier(6 PM,Oct 21) than official time of release(8 AM,Oct 22),G1 fans rushed into the store to get their pack worth $179.

However iPhone3G’s craze was still bigger than G1’s but G1’s buzz can’t be underestimated at all.

One of G1’s fans waiting for hours in the queue said “Watch out iPhone,we just got a substitute” and such a remark is a clear indication of a BIG battle which will actually start off today onwards between the two titans.

Have a look at the official T-Mobile G1’s website and the promotional movie of G1 there…And it really kills !

What’s going be missed in T-Mobile G1…

  • No video capture
  • No stereo Bluetooth

Both these things were quite expected and may bring some disappointment to the public(good for Apple).Also,the huge ‘app market’ for the iPhone is something that will give a strong reason to its users to stay loyal…

We have earlier written extensively about Android,Google’s open source mobile operating system and also about T-Mobile G1 aka HTC Dream(although HTC seems to have gathered the residual buzz in this launch) during their press-launch.

Some prediction

T-Mobile G1 will be a hit,will eat up a decent chunk out of Smartphone market. iPhone’s worldwide viral growth will slow down.iPhone’s next installment will simply crush its competitors(may include G1).Users will keep enjoying cheaper and smarter phones.(Don’t be surprised if next iPhone’s version gets priced at $99)

Update : Full press release with all the details is right here

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