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Startup Incubators in India

Startup incubators are supposed to be chosen wisely . These are some of the major startup incubators in India listed in the article. 

This is the age of entreprenerial ventures and young entrepreneurs are brimming with innovative, new ideas to establish some trade or business plan. India is full of people who are also ready to lap up these plans and start up new businesses by infusing money into these business ideas.Read this article to know about startup incubators in India.

Entrepreneurship is one of the hottest business trends these days. No longer are bright young professionals content to work for someone else. In fact, almost all of you will surely know someone whose idea was picked up by a startup incubator.

startup incubators in india

This is indeed the age of venturing out on your path in life. This is especially true in the world of technology, where young techies and other professionals are keen to make a difference.

Although this trend is perhaps growing fastest in the US, where long-established businesses and a strong technological base provide ideal breeding grounds for start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, there are also plenty of startup incubators in India that are doing a great job in promoting new ideas that will one day change how we live!

In fact, you might be surprised to know that India has a long history of pioneering startup incubators. Yes, this is not a new phenomenon – It was way back in 1984 that the Department of Science & Technology pushed this concept ahead.

This trend has only accelerated over the years and it’s about time – some experts say that only by aggressively promoting startup incubators will India’s economy really make it to the big leagues!

These are some of the major startup incubators in India:

Indian Angel Network

The IAN operates in cooperation with several government departments and is an equity-based startup that focuses on areas such as retail, mobile VAS, gaming, education, etc.

Centre of Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad

The CIIE, at the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad, social sector start-ups, clean technology, and Internet.

Rural Technology & Business Incubator, IIT – Madras

Run by IIT Madras at Chennai, the RTBI focuses on aiding entrepreneurs in the rural region.


Backed up by leading Indian tech gurus and entrepreneurs, AngelPrime is a private-sector player that leverages its founders’ experience to aid new start-ups.

Indavest Labs

 Another private sector startup incubator, Indavest also focuses on start-ups in the media space.

Centre of Entrepreneurship, SP Jain Institute of Management Research

This startup incubator is run by the prestigious SPJIMR B-school in Mumbai.

Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IIT Mumbai

SIIE is IIT Mumbai’s startup incubator and already has some success stories to its name.

Startup Village

One of the most promising startup incubators, Startup Village has backing from a number of private sector and government organisations. This, based in Kochi, also has backing from Information Technologyy blue chip Infosys.

These are only a few of the startup incubators providing services to entrepreneurs. Apart from these, several government departments – at the Central and State level – and most prestigious universities have their own startup incubators designed to give budding entrepreneurs a helping hand.

So, if you or someone you know has a great idea that you know can become a major business success, all you need is the right environment to help nurture it, why not explore one of these startup incubators? It’s quite likely that if your idea could get all the support it needs at an Indian startup incubator!


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