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PaisaWaisa Review

Here is the Paisawaisa review. Compare financial service providers to find out the best one, refer fellow user experiences to learn more. It also facilitates e-Tax filing

What’s that !


If you belong to India, then being financially conscious and sensitive is a default trait in you but the financial services that we use or plan to use are limited to a count but the service providers are endless in number.

Hence, it becomes really tough to decide which bank to prefer for a loan, which property should one invest into, which credit card scheme is better and similar things like that.

PaisaWaisa is a solution one can consider if he is facing the above issues. It’s a financial portal providing a cluster of financial services/solutions, letting you perform a direct comparison of numerous service providers for loan, credit cards, insurance and other services and comfortable system to apply for the choosen service provider. A number of community features add user contribution to the site.

Rupiz Infotech, a web development and online marketing company has been the root of PaisaWaisa. The technology used, ease of use and overall user experience are the pros of PaisaWaisa. Such a portal can gain a traction in India if good efforts in marketing are employed.


What it offers…

  • One can compare numerous financial service providers to find out the best one
  • One can have fellow user experiences to learn better about the service providers
  • PaisaWaisa also facilitates with few services such as e-Tax filing (for free)


Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Multi-Faced – Being a financial portal isn’t enough, there has to be a bandwidth of services to serve the users in the best possible way. PaisaWaisa does it beautifully. And it just does not let you compare but select the best one and apply for it without any hassle. Rest of the efforts are left to PaisaWaisa (to contact you and take the things further)
  • Uncaptured genre – There are financial portals like moneycontrol but PaisaWaisa deals with the broad set of services, a parallel comparison of various service providers and easy application methodology. This sector isn’t a private property in Indian web arena hence PaisaWaisa holds strong chances here.

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Marketing Issues – Sometimes an inferior product with excellent/exhaustive marketing makes a HIT pair and a superior product with an inferior marketing makes a FLOP show. As the nature of the website isn’t viral, the service is required to be known by the masses with the help of exhaustive/smart marketing campaigns (majorly online) otherwise they may find it hard to survive.
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