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Speed up Windows 8 Net book

In this article we will tell about how to speed up Windows 8 net book. Here’s the complete information about it: 

Netbooks are the new generation lightweight, small, inexpensive and legacy-free laptops. More often they are less expensive than the laptops and feature weight of around 1 KG (approx. 2.2 pounds).With the passing of time and technology enhancements Net books have grown in part and parcel in a wide range of domains.

It’s considered as the perfect companion for business users who are mostly mobile. But one of the pain areas for netbooks has been performance. When used frequently and for a longer period of time it automatically slows down. And Windows 8 has only added to the woes considering the larger resource allocation needed for running a Windows 8 system optimally. However, there are few actions which can help users enhance the speed and better use their netbook. Let’s take care of them with these life savings tips.

  • Disabling the Aero theme

Disabling the Aero theme definitely sheds down some of the eye-catching visual effects like transparency and exclusivity of the net book but for sure performance and the response time for executing various tasks gets a boost. For doing so users will have to move the mouse of the system to the bottom left portion of the screen and then right click and choose option “control panel” followed by selecting the option of changing the screen theme from “change the theme button”. There user should select the basic theme for the windows. Once the theme has been changed successfully, the control panel could be closed without tampering any other settings.

  • Settings with regards to performance

By default, windows select the settings for the users, which are based on the performance of the computer. For better performance of the systems few options should be disabled manually. For doing so user will have to take the mouse to the left portion of the screen at the bottom and click on the screen with the right click option. Then click on the option systems. In which user will come across the option-“Advanced System settings” which the user has to click. In the field option click on the “Performance” followed by settings. Further move towards the “visual effects” tab-user can select the appropriate options by enabling them from the check list available out there. After the options has been enabled-click on the ok button to save the changes made by the user.

  • Disabling the sound of the system

Users must be aware windows plays different sounds when they perform any action on the net book and every time there is a sound made a large amount of memory is utilized by the CPU. If users disable the sounds then surely they can reduce the CPU resource utilization .For this they will have to go to the bottom of the screen and right click on the screen. There the user will have to click on the “Control Panel”. Once in the control panel-they should click on “Change the system sound option”. Followed by clicking on the “sound Scheme” from the drop down menu, where he should select the option “No Sounds” and then click on “OK”.

These are some basic housekeeping step that the users can practice to optimize the performance of the computer. Apart from that, they can also reduce the screen brightness. Avoid running multiple resource hungry applications at one go.  Netbooks usually don’t sport very high end configuration, nevertheless with whatever resource already available and little bit tweaking they can boost your productivity!


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