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Speed up Windows 8 Boot Time

In this article we will tell you how to speed up windows 8 boot time. Here’s the complete procedure:

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft with excellent set of features like touch screen support, revamped start screen with Tile based UI etc. In order to speed up Windows 8 boot time you can use some techniques mentioned in the below article.

Disable Unwanted Windows Services

There might be many services in your Windows 8 startup which you might not be used regularly. If you want to improve the startup time of Windows 8, then you can disable the unwanted App by using MsConfig. Open MsConfig by using the shortcuts Win + R and typing MSconfig in the Run Dialog box. You will see the list of services which are enabled during startup of your operating system and you can disable them when not required. There will be two tabs one for services which are currently running and one for Startup applications which are enabled. You need to disable 3rd party services like Google update, Facebook Update, Adobe Update, Messenger Service, Mozilla, Flash Updates, UTorrent, Skype, Java Updates etc. These can save lot of time with system boot up and improve overall performance of your system. Also disable any scheduled tasks like Virus Scan which you don’t want to run anymore.

Cleaning up Windows Registry Using CCleaner:

Another way to improve booting time is to remove unwanted entries in the Windows system registry with help of software tools like CCleaner. Windows registry usually gets clogged when you install and uninstall new applications frequently. There will be some stale entries in the registry left by applications which were uninstalled. So you can remove these entries using CCleaner which does the job instantly for you. Once done restart your Computer and you can see that Bootup time for Windows 8 has improved significantly.

Disable Themes and Animations:

In Windows 8 there is revamped UI with plenty of animations and graphics that are pleasing to your eyes. But if you want to enhance the bootup time, you can disable the animations for normal actions like Maximize, Minimze and Closing Windows. These animations use lot of graphics memory and CPU resources which can be reduced by disabling them. Also if you have installed any custom themes on your Windows 8 Desktop, you can disable them as well to improve the bootup time. Also you can tweak some settings in the Windows registry to disable such animations. The below settings will decrease menu show time and also modify the delay settings for mouse Click events.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop]






[HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelMouse]


Disable Indexing of Files:

One of the important features of Windows 8 operating system is the Indexing of files for easier and faster searching. But this consumes lot of CPU resource and impacts the system performance. You can disable indexing by going to Services Manager by typing services.msc from Run prompt. Then search for Search service, right-click to go to properties and then Stop the service.

By following the above tips, you can significantly reduce the booting time of your Windows 8 operating system and enjoy better performance.

Hope this article about speed up Windows 8 boot time helped you.

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