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Slidebean Review

Creating presentations giving you a massive headache? If so, then you can rest your mind and leave it all to Slidebean. With an aim to let people create beautiful slides, they are way more than just a beautification tool; they let you create elaborate presentations within seconds, without having to worry too much about the output.


How does the site work?

Unfortunately, some people just lack the skills, the mind set or time to create beautiful presentations. But does this mean that you should not indulge in these things? Well the idea is to not discourage people, but to ensure that there is a lot of creativity flowing. Couple up your need with the software Slidebean, and you have a winner on your hands.

In order to tackle the problem of designing, the creators of this magnificent software have made sure they separate the content and the design into two different segments. By separating the two, the .users are able to concentrate only on the content part, while Slidebean does the designing from scratch.

Once you input the relevant content, the software is smart enough to ensure that everything is taken care of. Right from formatting to alignment to providing design templates, you name it and they have it. Choose from a wide range of color palettes, as well as premium fonts and you will have a riveting presentation, in just a few clicks. This is how simple it really is.

Now, one would wonder, how secure is the software? What if you are creating some presentations with sensitive data, which you would want to secure at any cost? The company assures the users that no one can see what information you have put in on your slides. This means that even the creators don’t have access to this information; rest assured, your information is in safe hands.


There are three different plans for the users to choose from. Basing their plans on the varieties of coffee, they have come up with the following plans:

  • Espresso Plan: Billed at $10 per month, the plan is tailor made for students and teachers alike. The package offers pitch deck templates and features, with a limit of up to 10 slides per month.
  • Cappuccino Plan: Created for startups and small teams, the Cappuccino Plan can cater to 5 users at the same time. The costing is around $35 per month; it includes all the features of the Espresso Plan along with some extra add-ons which include 50 slides per month, as compared to 10 in the Espresso Plan. Add the option of being able to manage your account on your own as well as the facility to track slides with the Presentation Insights button.
  • Mocha Plan: Finally, the Mocha Plan is the last on their list. Best suited for medium businesses, over 10 users can use this product for a cost of $70. This plan encompasses the features of the Cappuccino Plan along with the option to create 100 slides a month.

Interestingly, the company’s software is unique and provides a lot of value for money. It frees up valuable time, which would otherwise be spent, trying to create cumbersome presentations. Check out the software and see how you can benefit from Slidebean.

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