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How to Recover Lost Savings Bond

If you are worried about your lost savings bond and fearing of the losses connected, get tips on how to recover lost savings bonds over here.

There are times we lose or accidently damage our bonds worth lot of money and may not know how to retrieve them. In this case, one can refer to the treasury department in the United States that can help in retrieval of those lost bonds. In order to recover the bonds, it is very important to have the issue date as well as the bond number. However, it is possible to repossess even if you don’t have this information just that it takes longer.

Retrieve Lost Savings Bond
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You can use the following methods in order to get your lost bonds.

Treasury Hunt:

There is always an option of going to the website of U.S. treasury and look for the E bonds with missing series. The database is regularly updated with the information regarding the bonds that have matured in the year 1974 or after that. In order to locate the missing matured bonds, you need the bond holder’s SSN. However, if the bond was gifted to you, in this case the social security number of the giver would have been registered.

Recover Using File Form 1048:

You can use the following steps to retrieve the bonds through this method:

  • Provide the date on which the bond was issued. If in case you don’t know the date then give the approximate date range when the bond was issued.
  • Give full details of your social security along with complete information like your name and address. In case of a gifted bond, provide all this information of the giver.
  • If someone stole the bonds attach requisite police report that was filed or provide details of how the bonds were lost
  • Form 1048 has the provision for the guardians to file an application on behalf of the minors. In this case, the guardian has to provide all the information regarding the custody situation, relationship with the minor and social security number for further processing.
  • You can choose the way you would like to be paid in exchange for the bond. You can either request for a new bond, payment in by check or direct account deposit.
  • The bank must certify the bond form 1048 issued by treasury and it must be duly signed by the bond holder.
  • For the department of treasury to effectively locate the bond that is missing, it is important for the bond holder to provide as many details as possible like the residence address when the bond was issued, social security number, date of issuance etc. You can also provide any further information that will help in locating the bonds

While the bonds can be recovered easily, it is still advisable to keep all the information regarding these bonds in safe so that in case of accidental loss or damage, it can be retrieved easily. If you remember the serial number of your bond, you most certainly can have them replaced or recovered without any issues. The process is relatively simpler but you really need to be careful on your part to have all the information in place to make the treasury’s job easier.

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