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Block Games for iPhone

If you are bearing the games of your iPhone instead of having enjoyment as you had earlier. Tips required to block games for iPhone are discussed below.

Facebook might be the most popular social networking site but sometimes it can be downright irritating. This happens mostly because of the notifications. There are notifications about birthdays, products, friend request and so on. The most irritating one is the notification to play games. Now, with the smartphone usage the problem has only increased. On an iphone you can block these notifications to play games in two ways. One is through facebook and other one is on the iphone itself.

How to block facebook games on iphone
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To do all these activities you will have to go to the full site of facebook for which your normal browser will not be enough. You will not be able to access the relevant settings. You can use any browser like the Photon browser or Puffin browser.

You can block notifications to play games or any other notifications for that matter in this manner. On your facebook page if you scroll down on the left hand side you can see Blocking.

Click on it.

The Blocking menu has three options.

  • Block app invites
  • Block event invites
  •  Block apps.

All you have to do is type in the name of the app which you want to block. Alternatively you can type in the name of the person who is sending you invitations to play these games constantly. Of course blocking will not prevent (that will be too easy) the app from showing up in newsfeeds or other posts. It will only prevent other users from inviting you.

If you have received a notification then you can stop receiving pushes from an app by clicking on the “X” next to the notification. Then you will be asked “Turn of notifications from ___ ville” ? Clicking on the Turn Off tab will stop the notifications.

To hide the app activity from newsfeed, first visit the story on newsfeed. Click on the arrow on the top right hand corner. Then, select Hide from the menu and click on it. Now the app activity is hidden as well as app related stories from that person. Just select the appropriate options. Please note that this will not stop sponsored gaming apps.

If you want to completely remove the app from your facebook profile then go to the settings page and click on Apps on the left hand menu. You can see a list of all the apps that is connected to your account. Click on “X” sign next to the game name. You can also remove the entire timeline of the particular game.

If you are using iPhone5 it is easy to block facebook game notifications. On your iPhone, go to settings menu. Select Notifications from the menu. If you cannot find settings then swipe right and type “Settings” to find it. There will be two lists. One is the ‘In Notification Center” and another “Not In Notification Center”. “In the notification center “list you can see the number of apps that you allowed to notify you. If you don’t want to receive any notification at all then just change the settings to Off. There is also the option to select None to suspend Alerts.

If you select that option then your message center will become full with Notification messages. So, decide accordingly. If you don’t want any type of notification at all then set Notifications to Off and Alerts to None.
In iPhone6 there if you have a Do Not Disturb option and you can switch it off or on. You can also schedule the time when notifications are allowed.

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