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Win ‘Trust & Trial’ And You Will Be A Successful Product Seller on Web

virtual-tryIn this article we will tell you about prescription glasses online shop. ‘GlassesShop’ basically sells ‘Prescription Glasses’ online.

They do have a  Wide Selection of Eyeglasses but the best part is their Virtual Try-On application

There are plenty of generic product sellers (such as eBay and Amazon) on web and herd of others, selling you a specific product or service which they may be selling offline and now want to use ‘Web’ for sales increase.

We receive requests from many such ‘focussed online product sellers’ and we’ve reviewed quite a few of them as well but when it comes to conversions then it’s often observed that the first time buyers(who haven’t had any shopping experience online) aren’t really interested in sealing off the online deal.

The major reason behind this is the lack of ‘Trust & Trial‘. In case of most online product sellers, one can have some decent idea about the ‘brand'(so as to ‘Trust’ them) by researching about the company and user feedback about them.But  ‘Trial’ still lacks.

By Trial, we mean that if you go buy a camera, the shopkeeper lets you use it by letting you click photos and explain you the menu details and related stuff,which doesn’t happen in case of ‘Online camera’ purchase.

Such a ‘Trial’ void is hardly bothered by any online seller but if taken care properly then it can produce some amazing and steady sales results.

We got to review a similar service called ‘GlassesShop’ that basically sells ‘Prescription Glasses’ online. They do have a  Wide Selection of Eyeglasses but the best part that we would like to highlight is their ‘Virtual Try-On’ application(see the upper tabs on the site) that they have developed for their customers, to virtually experience how they would look with different frame styles and sizes. You can visualise it on some default pics available or can upload your pic(or use you web cam) and try out various glasses on yourself(I tried it and it was really good).

I wouldn’t be that impressed but the ‘Virtual Try-On’ feature really made it a ‘distinct web based product seller’ in my eyes.

This is how describe their service  and its features

We commit ourselves to offer our customers the best and most affordable prescription eyeglasses. All our eyeglasses orders(including the $8.00 ones) will come with high quality stylish frames, high index lens, Anti Scratch, UV protection, Quality case, Cleaning Cloth.

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