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Password Protect Folder In Windows 8

In this article, we will deal with precision on how to password protect folder in Windows 8, the latest OS from Microsoft. Here’s the complete discussion.

There is no authorized feature that allows you to assign a password to files and folders in Windows 8. However, there is a loophole: you may use methods like user permission removing or encrypted containers making with TrueCrypt. This will only open files that are provided with the right passwords. Creating mountable and un-mountable encrypted containers are more convenient for saving files from unauthorized use.

How to Password Protect your Folder

The need to assign a password for opening folders arises when one computer is being shared by multiple people. Here is how you may use it.

1. Put all the information in a folder that you will be protecting.

2. Right click on Folder—>Go to Properties.

3. Go to the Security tab. Select the User that has to be denied access and then choose Edit.

4. Now select the name of the same user. Choose now the box with first Deny box. As soon as you check this option all other Deny options will be automatically checked. Having done this your folder will be accessible by your account only.

Password Protecting Folder Using TrueCrypt

Many people are unnerved at the very sound of encryption, but neither is it tough, nor time consuming to handle it. Using TrueCrypt will hasten the process of assigning password and files can be easily accessed as unencrypted.

1. Download the utility TrueCrypt software from its official website.

2. After you have the software, extract all the files. The files will be extracted before the process of installation has started. This is advantageous because you will now be able to make a back-up of the files on your USB.

3. Now choose the TrueCrypt.exe file by clicking and run it.

4. Now choose Create New Volume. You will see the tyrueCrypt volume creation wizard box.

5. Go to Standard container option.

6. Choose a place to keep the encrypted container which will serve like a password protected file. For example,  you may keep it in your C drive or may store it in the USB drive. But don’t forget to check the disk space of the drive before storing it.

7. Choose an algorithm if you can or else you may also go with the default.

8. Now specify the size for the encrypted container folder, most often the small one of 10 MB size well suffices.

9. Assign a strong alpha-numerical password to your encrypted container so that it cannot be easily cracked.

10. For a better form of encryption for a while, keep your mouse moving and then choose Format.

11. Now go to the main screen of TrueCrypt and specify the path of encrypted container. You can also choose file and then go to container.

12. For the last option, click the Mount option, and you will immediately be directed to the container just like you use hard drives.

However, to password protect folder windows 8 this is not the only way that can be done. There are other ways too like by changing the script, but it will not protect the files/folders from any person having a standard computer knowledge. The only reason TrueCrypt is recommended is that it is easy to use and free to download. You can have access to grant or deny access to personal files with this software. For those who want more security, you can create encrypted container on an 8GB flash drive.


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