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Top 10 reasons Why ‘Office 2010’ is a ‘Must Have’ Productivity suite

The article enlists MS Office 2010 features and advantages. Top 10 reasons why office 2010 is a must-buy software.

As Office 2010 has finally been made available to the users worldwide, everyone is asking just one question….

Is Office 2010 worth a buy ?

As we’ve been busy covering every bit of information, news and updates surrounding Office 2010 since it got announced back in 2009, we’ve certainly got the answer to the question quoted above.

Without much ado, let’s get down to real stuff…

Below are the Top 10 reasons why Office 2010 is a ‘Must-have’ productivity suite and why you shouldn’t give it a miss !

Here we go !

1. Take ‘Office’ virtually anywhere, any device. Work from PC, browser and mobile, wherever you want to.

The most emphasized statement you would hear from any Microsoft official about Office 2010 is being able to work on ‘Office’ from PC, browser and mobile. And yes, it is indeed the case with this installment of Office productivity suite.

With Microsoft introducing Office Web Apps, online team collaboration tools, offline-online dual support, high document fidelity, data sync ability, mobile support among countless other features in Office 2010, Office users will certainly get the ability to be productive, no matter which device they are onto.

2. Enhance productivity and time-efficiency (specially for enterprise users) using simplified online collaboration tools

One of the most sought-after features in Office 2010 is the ability for people to collaborate, real time on Office documents. This would enable teams to work together on Word, Excel and Powerpoint presentations in real-time. No matter, whether the people are located in different countries or elsewhere, Real-time collaboration will drastically reduce the latency in teamwork and help the teams work more efficiently.

Any changes made to any particular document will be seen LIVE by all other team members collaborating on the same document through internet. Such an ability would greatly enhance the throughout and help getting work done faster than ever.

3. Stay organized with enhanced Outlook 2010

Latest edition of Outlook 2010 brings conversation management tools, calendar preview, mail tips and several other utility features on the board. Here is an in-depth explanation of all the latest features in Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 has also been given a UI facelift as Ribbon interface has finally been introduced in Outlook 2010 as well. Ribbon UI got introduced in Word, Excel and PowerPoint when 2007 version came out and now, the same UI has been introduced in Outlook for better User experience.

4. Enhanced data visualization with Excel 2010

MS Excel application is already one of the most extensively used productivity tools ever created and with Excel 2010, business users will get to have Sparklines, a new feature addition that will provide enhanced data visualizations, showing data trends with ease.

Online collaboration on Excel datasheets will be a huge advantage, especially for accounting professionals who have to get their data collection always up to date. Here is an in-depth explanation on all the features of Excel 2010.

5. Utilize cutting-edge audio/video & animation enhancements with PowerPoint 2010

Capabilities of PowerPoint have been greatly enhanced in PowerPoint 2010 with features such as Photo editing, video editing, advanced transition effects etc. Office 2010 users can now feel assured that they won’t have to open Photoshop for all those small photo editing needs. Web based collaboration on presentations is an excellent asset too. Here’s more on PowerPoint 2010 features.

6. Office Web Apps, the biggest leap towards the future of computing.

Newly introduced Office Web Apps adds a whole new dimension to Office 2010 productivity suite, taking Office suite from desktop to cloud. With Office Web Apps, users are able to work on their documents online, with or without any native Office suite support. Office 2010 users are able to work on Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents online through their web browsers and the fidelity of Office 2010 documents is near 100%. Here’s more detailed explanation about Office web apps.

7. Feature add-ins in MS Word 2010

Office 2010 comes with a flurry of new features such as Image background removal, Instant screenshots, collaborative document editing, Art effects in Word Art, Artistic Effects among several other features. Here’s a detailed explanation of all the Word 2010 features.

8. Protection from malicious emails with capability of ‘Protected Viewing’ of documents

No matter how good your email service is, there will always remain a possibility that the document you just downloaded from your email might be carrying a malicious script. To avoid any damage to your computer and precious documents/data, Office 2010 comes with a ‘Protected Viewing’ option. This option opens the suspected document in a sandbox mode where the malicious script, if it is, isn’t allowed to execute at all.

9. Tight integration with other Microsoft services such as SkyDrive, Hotmail, giving a comprehensive productivity

With recent integration of Office Web Apps and Skydrive(Cloud storage service), you can forget to keep an eye over the data storage limits on your cloud based skydrive account. And very soon, Office web apps will get tightly integrated with Hotmail as well. Hence, with Office 2010 and Office web apps, you are sure to have an integrated solution to all your needs, whether on desktop or on cloud.

10. Productivity, Productivity, Productivity !!

A majority of Office users are quite happy with previous versions of Office suite, mainly Office 2003. Even Office 2007 has not been adopted to the deepest. And the reason that users of older Office versions quote while denying an Office version upgrade is…

“When we can still get our work done with older Office suite, why “upgrade” ?”

The answer is : Productivity, Productivity, Productivity !!

The whole difference lies in productivity. A particular task that could surely be done with Office 2003 applications can be done far more efficiently with Office 2010, saving precious time & efforts, which eventually makes the “version upgrade” worth it !

There are more reasons than the above 10 cited reasons which makes, Office 2010 upgrade, a must-do but the top 10 have been explained here. If you haven’t secured your copy of Office 2010 till now, go buy it right now !!

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