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What To Do If Not Received Adsense Check

Google Adsense enables you to earn revenue through your website. Know what to do if not received Adsense check in this article.

not received adsense check

Google Adsense has gained much popularity these days among people to earn income from home. Despite of quality and reliable services offered by Google, there may be some problems in receiving the revenue earned by your website/blog. Here are some steps to get your check issued by Google if you have not received Adsense check.


 Check whether your payment has been issued by Google this month or not. Go to the following link to check your payment record:

Your payment page will appear as shown below:


Once you make sure that your payment has been issued by Google then you track your payment on Bluedart to get to know about when it was scheduled to be dispatched at your address. This is because Google usually dispatches checks via Bluedart in India. As a protective measure you should always keep tracking your Google Adsense check status on the Bluedart Website.

  1. To track the status of the Google Adsense payment check go to the following link:

It looks something like:

  1.  On the left hand side there is a box in which you can track any shipment using the reference number. Enter the number in that box (preferably without using the 0 in the front). Check the ref no. radio box and click GO.
  2. If your check has arrived in your country then the tracking information will be shown. Please do not panic if no data are shown because it may take a while for the Google Adsense to send your check. Just keep tracking your status on Bluedart persistently until you can access this info.
  3. If you are able to access your info then note down the way-bill number and keep it with you for further reference.


Now that you have got the way-bill number, you are required to contact the nearest Bluedart Office in your area or make a call to the Bluedart customer care.

Once you give them your way-bill number they will track and tell you exactly where your check is presently. If they have your check with them, then you can tell them that you yourself will be collecting the check and they will tell you the date. Go and collect on the given date and place by providing them your ID proof.

NOTE: If they are not able to find your address, then your check is returned to the country office of Google Adsense of your respective country. So do not worry if you miss your check you can always get it reissued.

 How to get the check re-issued?

To get your Google Adsense check reissued, you need to login to your Adsense account and follow the link below to go to Google Adsense check reissue request page:

After you have filled all the details like name, e-mail, payment number, publisher ID, issue date, amount and country, submit the reissue form. Now keep on checking your mail. Within a few days you will receive a mail from Google confirming your check reissue. After it is reissued, check your Adsense payment page and the reissued check details should be there.

Hope this helps.

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