Looking To Reduce Printing Costs in Your Startup? Here’s How

It’s no secret that printing can be pretty expensive, especially if you need to churn out numerous documents each day. Whether you’re working in an office or are a small business that relies on their printer for labels and everything in between, here are just a few ways of reducing your printing costs:

Buy multipacks and value packs

These feature all the ink you need in a bundle that typically reduces the overall cost of what you’re buying. Individual inks can cost more when purchased separately, so buying everything together offers better value for money.

Opt for a laser printer

If you’re running a busy office then a laser printer may be the best option to cut down costs. Laser printers use toner, which produces images and text using microscopic ink particles – this means the cartridges in your laser printer typically go further than your usual ink variety. This is perfect if you’re mainly printing black and white documents, as they are usually equipped with high-capacity paper trays for not only quicker but also more efficient printing.

Swap branded for compatible ink and toner cartridges

Many ink and toner cartridge suppliers offer own-brand versions of the leading products. This means you can get a working cartridge that is compatible with your printer for a fraction of the price. Look out for products that offer a guarantee that protects the warranty on your printer should something go wrong. Some brands won’t fix printers in warranty if non-branded cartridges have been used.

Keep documents virtual where you can

Save documents to PDF instead of printing them. Not only does this reduce unnecessary printing and save you money but it also enhances the security of your sensitive documents. If they’re saved on a computer instead of being printed out, this makes it less likely that you’ll lose anything important and can even password protect documents to enhance security. Keeping a virtual trail of your documents is just as important as a paper one, but it’s important to maintain an organized filing system; just as you would for physical documents.

Put a limit on prints

Encourage other people in your office to only print when absolutely necessary. This ensures documents aren’t being printed unnecessarily, which will lower overall costs and reduce waste. Business Insider notes that printer ink can be more expensive than the printer itself, so it pays to reduce printouts where you can. Introducing a printer budget internally can be a great way to keep costs down. It will give you a better insight into your employee’s printing habits.

Print only in black and white

Colour ink can be pricey, so ensure that everyone tries to print in black and white where possible, saving colored prints for those truly necessary moments.

Print two-sided

Reduce the need to replace printer paper sooner by encouraging two-sided printing. If everything can be squeezed onto one sheet of paper that will cut down costs in supplies greatly. This will save you a surprising amount of money. But it is also a great way to implement more eco-friendly practices in your business.

Be savvy with the font you use

Some fonts require more ink than others. So if you’re looking to reduce your printing costs, print documents in fonts that are considered to be ‘economical’. According to Small Business Bonfire fonts such as Garamond, Times New Roman, Century Gothic, and Courier are some of the most economical fonts to choose to reduce overall printing costs and the amount of ink used.

Ready to save some pennies that could turn into pounds? Try out these tips and enjoy cheaper and more efficient printing every day.

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