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Lifestyle Blogs- Best Ones You Should Follow

Lifestyle is one of the most competitive niches when it comes to blogging. Already almost all digital lifestyle magazines have their well-settled blogs. Competing in this market and portraying your blog at par with them is an arduous task. However, there are still many lifestyle blogs that have managed to break through. 

Lifestyle blogs- Best ones that you should follow

Online mags have huge budgets and expertly written content that makes them a class apart. But a blogger has an advantage as he can update his content every day and add visually enticing pictures to the same. Most of the lifestyle blogs are free to access, whereas the magazine subscriptions are high priced.

In order for the lifestyle blogger to succeed, he has to provide high-quality and accurate content regularly, and that is not easy. Still, many bloggers have managed to do so, and here are some lifestyle bloggers who are worth your attention.

What are Lifestyle blogs?

First of all, we must understand what a lifestyle blog is. You can define a lifestyle blog as digital content which deals with the writer’s life and interests. If you consider the dictionary, then lifestyle is “habits and interests which define a person’s life.” 

Lifestyle blogs can fall under many small niches. Bloggers use these blogs to promote products related to the niche. Some of the popular blogging niches are:

  • Luxury blogs
  • Food blogs
  • Home and garden
  • Fashion and Beauty 
  • Health and Fitness
  • Men’s lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Natural Living
  • Parenting blogs
  • Outdoor living
  • Gardening blogs

If the blogger is adept at more than one niche, he can create a combination blog. So there could be a fashion and luxury blog or a Travel and Photography blog.

How to start a Lifestyle blog

It is not an easy process to start beautiful lifestyle blogs and make money as well. Here are some tips you can use to get started initially.

  1. Choose what you want to blog about- This is very crucial as a wrong choice will stall your success chances. Pick up a topic that you are knowledgeable about. You can always diversify into other topics later on.
  2. Identify your target audience- Your blogging will be useless if no one reads it. You must identify your targeted audience and write your content accordingly. Ask yourself the following questions to create a user profile.
  • Who is your ideal reader?
  • Where does your reader live?
  • What is his occupation?
  • Does he have a family?
  • What are his age and other demographics?
  • What are the hobbies and interests he pursues?
  1. Select a domain name- Here, your choice depends on what kind of impression you wish to leave. You could always set a blog with your own name. But, for that, you should be well known already. 
  2. Promote through social handles- If you are already on social media, mention about your new blog. You could also create new handles that match with the title you have used. Instagram is a popular place for fellow bloggers to show their offerings.
  3. Choose a hosting plan- You will now have to select a hosting plan. This is important, especially if you are blogging on WordPress. Many providers offer hosting services. Go through their details and choose one as per your requirements.
  4. Install a theme- Your theme will be the framework for the website design. The choice will depend on the niche you are targeting. You could go colorful or choose a combination of one or two colors. Basically, you would have an idea of what you want to show. Your theme should match with this choice.
  5. Start writing and sharing- The content you post should be attention-grabbing. It must have something valuable to offer to the readers. You cannot expect visitors to stay on the website if you are just duplicating content. Use innovative content ideas like infographics, podcasts, webinars, and videos to leave an impression. Also, add enticing pictures in each content as readers love creativity.

How do lifestyle blogs make money

Eventually, you are entering the blogging segment to make money. You should know how the money will come. Here are some top ways using which any blogger makes money.

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • Sponsored posts
  • Content creation
  • Consulting

Best Lifestyle blogs you can follow

Following are some lifestyle blogs that have made quite an impression in the niche they started off with.

The brainchild of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, the blog was started in 2008. It is probably one of the first lifestyle blogs and covers her expertise in a variety of topics. The actress and parent showcase how to manage professional life and parenting obligations. Her blogs target women primarily, but men also visit them. Topics on which she writes are:

  • Food and home
  • Travel
  • Style
  • Wellness
  • Beauty

Do you want some inspiration to renovate your home? This blog created by Will Taylor in 2009 is just the right place. Will here writes about his passion for design, color, and fashion. Sometimes he also blogs about travel. Even reputed publishing houses like Martha Stewart Living and Elle Décor have recommended his blog. It mainly targets people who are crazy about interior designs.

Joanna Goddard shows what anyone can do through blogging regularly. Before she set up the blog, she had lots of editorial experience with hotshot brands. However, in 2007, she took a plunge into the world of blogging through her blog.

Nowadays, this is her full-time job, and she operates it with a dedicated team. Joanna’s blogs are targeted at women primarily. You will find her writing about topics like food, style, travel, motherhood, culture, etc.

This is one of those lifestyle blogs which are slightly a different niche altogether—Ree Drummond here blogs about a life which most Americans want to lead. Yes, we are talking about ranch-style living, and she targets people who would be interested in it. 

Her topics include writing recipes, beauty, style, home, food and cooking, news, and entertainment. Plus, she keeps offering exciting giveaways. Though Ree started alone, she now has an extensive team helping her out with the tasks.

Liz Stanley started blogging in 2006 with this exciting offering. The website portrays all the aspects of family life in detail. You can get practical advice on travel, home, and personal style. Plus, there are some fantastic photos uploaded that will make you fall in love with what she is writing about. The target audience remains women and parents.

Katie Wells operates the lifestyle blog. She has a background in Journalism and started the blog when her health issues forced her to move to the wellness and health segment. She researched alternative ways to heal, and this formed the idea of the blog.

But she is not alone in maintaining the blog. Amply supported by medical experts, writers and researchers, the blog only provides accurate and authentic content to its readers. You can find some rather great advice on topics like parenting, household hacks, beauty tips, natural remedies, recipes, etc. The perfect blog for those who live life the natural way.

Some lifestyle blogs are targeted at the entire population. The is a part of that whole group. 

You will have blogs on non-serious topics like fashion and décor. On the other hand, get detailed insights on complex issues like self-acceptance and mental health. 

In between, you can read blogs full of enthusiasm and zest. This blog is a perfect offering for those who want to cover everything in their life. blog

This one is a pure parenting blog. Naomi or Taza, as she is also known, shares her tips on motherhood and parenting in New York City. She launched it in the year 2007, and there has been no looking back for her. As a bonus, she has also figured in the Top 10 blogs of Forbes. Primarily targeted for families based in New York, but others can also use her tips.

Everywhere we hear of women empowerment, but this is one of the amazing lifestyle blogs which actually propagate the thought. It is targeted at women who are trying to establish a strong base for themselves. 

The blog has articles that inspire, motivate and encourage women to move ahead. Blogs are divided into the following categories.

  • Do
  • Work
  • Grow
  • Accept
  • Glow
  • Love
  • Live

The blog aims to help millennial women across the world and is quite successful at that.

Lisa Bryan launched the blog and made sure that her essence was quite visible in its content. Talking about Lisa, she herself is a traveler, food fanatic, and a believer in self-care. She has a recipe section that covers them under courses, ingredients, holidays, and special diets. 

On the travel side, you will find tips to travel to various parts of the world. She also provides suggestions to manage travel and accommodation to places you have never visited before.

Cookin With Mima

This one is mainly a food blog and is owned by Mariam Ezzeddine. A mother of two sons, she offers easy recipes for its readers. Mima believes that cooking does not have to be tough, and that echoes through her posts. You can also find her on Instagram as CookinWithMima handle.

Life with me

Mariana Hewitt was a TV host before she decided to move to blogging. In this blog, she shares her beauty tips, along with fashion and entrepreneurship guidelines. She also launched the cosmetic brand Summer Fridays. On the website, she regularly shares podcasts that are definitely worth the attention. 

Luxury lifestyle blogs 

Moving on, let us have a look at some of the high-end luxury blogs available online.

Luxe digital 

Luxury in lifestyle blogs is a niche that has to be crafted carefully. This blog is stylish and aimed at the needs of both men and women. It is a relatively new blog with operations starting in 2018. The editor in chief, Florine Eppe Beauloye, manages a huge team.

Easy to navigate, the website is divided into ‘Business’ and ‘Lifestyle’ segments. You may subscribe to their mailing list and opt for a monthly business letter or lifestyle letter. The blog also offers discounts and privileges which you can cash upon. Different topics of the blog include:


  • Trending
  • Ranking 
  • Opinions
  • Speakeasy
  • Reports


  • Cars
  • Dining
  • Style
  • Home
  • Scene
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Technology

Prestige Digital

Prestige Digital is mainly a premier lifestyle magazine. Since it is highly elite, only 15000 copies get printed, and those are sold in 42 airport lounges. Though the magazine is based in South Africa, it offers both international and local stuff for you to go through.

On the digital platform, you will find separate segments like Travel, Lifestyle, News, Videos, and Automotive sections. As per their own words, the blog is targeted at the “High Net worth individuals and Motivated aspirational individuals.”

The CEO magazine

As the name suggests, this magazine is aimed at CEOs, Entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and thinkers. This inspirational blog offers insights into the latest economic trends, ideas, strategies, people, etc. Leaders, executives, and Investors are the ones who frequent this blog often.

Luxury Society

The luxury society is the editorial section of the Digital Luxury group. You will receive detailed articles and in-depth interviews to update your knowledge. Articles present focus on categories like digital, consumers, retail, leaders, and events. They focus on how the digital scene is changing and the dominant changes.

Their articles cover essential topics that are informative and have great products to showcase. There are no adverts to disturb your attention, and the blog is full of reports, studies, and features that will keep you interested.

Health blogs

These are Blogspot lifestyle blogs that would talk about food, recipes, etc. and Health-related topics.

Carrots N Cake 

Tina operates this blog, and she is a Nutrition coach by the job. Her blogs show the combination of ideal eating and diets and life coaching to help people lead a balanced life. She targets the women who are trying to improve their health. Her blogs are mainly focussing on weight loss, fitness, recipes, nutrition, and colitis. You can consider the blog as a more health and fitness-oriented one rather than a lifestyle blog.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is a perfect combination of talent, hard work, and success. She is the co-founder of the Bikini Body training company and the creator of the BBG workouts. 

Her app Sweat with Kayla was the highest-grossing app in 2016. 

She shares more of training guides, blogs, and recipes that help take care of health. Kayla aims at motivating women to lose weight, and through her online BBG community, she does just that. 

Fit men cook

In 2012 Kevin Curry decided to take his fitness targets in his hand. He started the blog so that he could monitor what he was consuming. However, this became a blessing for him. He got fit, lost weight, and made this online community.

On the blog, Kevin shares recipes that helped him control his weight. Kevin realized that blogging actually encouraged him to work harder at maintaining the diet. His recipes are simple and easy to make. Now Kevin also has the Fit men cook app and Fit men cook cookbook to his credit.

Food and travel blogs 

This niche of lifestyle blogs focuses on a combination of food and travel. Here are some popular ones:


Have you just started on a quest for healthy eating? This blog offers you interesting food choices which are low fat. 

Lee Funke started the blog. Emily and Linley Richter joined him later on. You will get details of healthy meals to plan your entire day’s diet. You can even use the blog to filter the choices based on your dietary requirements.

It was in 2008 when Molly decided to pen down her travel details through this blog. Targeted at Gen X females, the blog shares recipes from her intriguing collection. Molly moved from a swanky New York lifestyle to being a farm person. Her blog mentions all her travel escapades and tips to follow her trail.

Are you really inspired to roam around the world? This is the blog that you should be regularly frequenting. Choose a continent and then any particular country. They will direct you to podcasts and articles that have details of each aspect of that region.

You can read about the food, religion, dress, and languages. Along with reading the myths and legends that make the place unique. Hopefully, that should help you choose your next travel destination.

Tommo and Megsy are typical foodies who love traveling, clicking pics, and eat. This is the perfect life that anyone could dream of. Their blog is full of tips, activities, recipes, and other valuable information. 

You can read the accommodation reviews and go through the tour packages. They also have a separate food section. Here you can see the food choices of various destinations. Plus, read the recommendations of local restaurants, so you know where to go next time you visit that place.

Fashion and lifestyle blogs 

Here are some prominent fashion and lifestyle blogs that are attention grabbers.

Color Me Courtney

This is a vibrant and colorful blog that covers everything related to fashion. Courtney’s fashion style is bold and striking, and that reflects in her choices. Her dress combinations are exotic and bright. You can also find her on Instagram, where she impresses people with exciting content. Courtney is very creative, and her reels and showcases stand apart, influencing the readers.

Hey Simply

Want someone to clarify your beauty doubts? Here is a blog that is ready to help. The posts on Hey Simply are too broad and varied. You will find topics on skin care, beauty, life skills, mental health, and productivity. The aim of this blog is to keep the women informed and updated, and it is pretty successful in doing so.

Barefoot Blonde

This blog was initially started as a hairstyle blog. However, later they modified it into a good lifestyle blog. Here you even have an online store for the Amber Filler up Clark brand of hair products. Amber considers her blog as a diary that she writes in every day. So being a part of this blog gives the satisfaction of talking to your friend every day.

Huda beauty

The Huda beauty blog was set up in 2010 by Huda Kattan. It was an attempt by her to share with others her passion for fashion and style. Read with her hacks and fashion details you must pay attention to. Plus, she also advises on professional products and offers her expert reviews. Eventually, she launched her own beauty brand known as Huda Beauty.

Refinery 29

A hugely popular blog, Refinery 29, is everything related to lifestyle. Whether you want to shop online for cosmetics or get the latest news in arts, culture, and entertainment, this blog has something for everyone. You will find the blog divided into:

  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Style
  • Personal Finance and money
  • News
  • Wellness-body
  • Lifestyle-Travel, décor, weddings, etc.
  • Beauty

Brain Sacawa launched this blog in 2013 and targeted millennial men. He offers creations and gives suggestions that help them dress differently. Alongside he also offers grooming advice assisting the men in looking good. 

You will also get details about new fashion accessories or products. Don’t forget to read his glossary of fashion terms that maybe you have no idea of.

This blog from Andrew tries to offer solutions to common problems men face. The blog addresses men within the age band 20-30. On the website, you can find tips to look good without overspending. Apart from that, the blog also addresses issues dealing with career and personal wellness. 

This is not just any run-of-the-mill blog. It has content that helps men improve their style quotient. In totality, it is a complete package for the Gen-X male.

Multi niche blogs 

Some of the lifestyle blogs incorporate many sub-niches in their content. Let us have a look at some of them.

Camille Styles 

Based out of Texas, Camille Styles offers a new approach towards fashion, home décor, and lifestyle. With her strong team, she shares content on topics related to wellness, travel, design, and style as well. She is also the author of the bestselling book “Camille Styles Entertaining.” You can also find her through her Instagram handle.

The Skinny confidential

Lauryn Evarts started the blog as she wanted to draw attention towards healthy living. If you wish to read something interesting on health and fitness, have a look at her blog. Plus, she also shares podcasts with prominent speakers discussing the topic. Overall the blog also covers beauty, wellness, style, travel, and health.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily Schuman is the brain behind this lovely blog. It is one of the earliest lifestyle blogs that was launched. She talks not only about lifestyle but other niches like fashion, home décor, and style. Emily is also a writer of books and has a clothing line of her own. Occasionally she also writes about motherhood, travel, and beauty. 

Better Living

Online since last two decades Better living gives you tips on how to lead a fulfilled life. Its popularity can be gauged from the 5 lakh social media followers and 1 million readers it has. Posting valuable advice on the blog is a classic example of a successful lifestyle blog. The topics covered are rather vast and include travel, food, entertainment, wellness, health, and home. Mainly the blog earns from sponsorships, affiliate links, and brand collaborations.

The Financial diet

The name shows that the blog deals with topics related to finance. Chelsea Fagan launched it in 2014 to show people how to manage their finances. As time passed, this became the location where women could come and share their money woes. Apart from finance, you can also find blogs on Lifestyle, self-love, and food. 

Julia Berolzheimer

The Julia Berolzheimer blog is your place for daily updates on personal style, fashion updates, and travel. Earlier, Julia ran a blog called Gal meets Glam which eventually became a business. This is her new venture offering everything unique related to the niches. 

Rachel Parcell 

Originally this was named as the Pink Peonies. However, now it is named by the owner’s brand and namesake. Initially, the blog started with lifestyle topics. But now, it has ventured into many niches like food, fashion, beauty, and fitness. Rachel also offers updates and tips on staying on top of trends. Plus, she has a women’s clothing brand as well.


The lifestyle blogging niche is rather vast. But that does not mean you should start writing about everything under the sun. Since the niche is so large, you will get the independence to choose what you wish to blog on. If you know just what suits your expertise, you can get enough followers to your blog.

Start with one or two focused niches in the beginning. Once you have set up your blog, you could decide to expand further. Lifestyle blogs gain popularity solely on the basis of the content you post. Try to incorporate elements that can engage your readers.

Add images that are captivating and colorful. This is especially required if you are blogging on topics like food, travel, and home décor. Remember that the audience relies on your content, and posting relevant information is necessary. 

Do make sure to interact with your readers if you want them to be loyal. Often the readers offer suggestions that would boost your blog readership. Most lifestyle bloggers started slow and gained traction after some time. Being patient, therefore, will hold the key to your success too.

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