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Kompyte helps you track all your competitors in real-time

You might never know how your business can get impacted by the marketing strategies and advertising techniques followed by your competitors. To keep an eye of what your competitors are doing to promote their business, you can seek the help of Kompyte which helps you to track your competitors in real-time and provides updates on day-to-day basis.

Albert Colmenero and Pere Codina, who founded Kompyte, have faced initial struggles when they first started their software development firm and their business went down by 30% when their competitor advertised free shipping which they were not aware of. They realized their fault of not keeping track of their competition and hence they founded Kompyte to solve this problem after teaming with Sergio Ramirez.

Kompyte - Track your competitors in real-time
Kompyte – Track your competitors in real-time

How it works?

Kompyte is first of its kind product which helps to keep track of your competition and provides a 360 degree view of the competition. This unique “Competitive Intelligence Platform” will keep you updated of what techniques and marketing strategies are followed by your competition so that you will not lag behind in the game. Apart from real-time tracking of social media, Kompyte will also take care of the digital ads, websites, search results, newsletters, blogs, landing pages etc. of your competitors in real-time. Whenever your competitors make any updates in their website or place a new advertisement, you will automatically get notified which helps your formulate competing strategies.

If there is any price change in your competitor website or if they launch a new marketing campaign, you will get notified immediately. It will also inform you if there is any change in search engine ranking or new customer is targeted by your competition. All you have to do is provide your competitor’s name to Kompyte and it starts tracking them. You will get real-time alerts whenever there is an activity of interest in the competitor’s website. Kompyte’ s content tracker will analyse all the digital content of your competitors and will assist you to clearly understand the most impacting content. Kompyte will automatically collect relevant information which if done manually will take weeks or months. Kompyte provides you a huge set of marketing KPIs which you can download as PDF file. All these data collected by Kompyte can provide meaningful marketing insights that can help you plan your product roadmap and modify your strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Kompyte Web interface
Kompyte Web interface

Founders and Team:

Kompyte was launched by 3 members namely Pere Codina who acts as the CEO of the company and Sergio Ramírez who is the CTO of the company. Albert Colmenero is the 3rd co-founder who acts the COO of the company and takes care of marketing and sales. Kompyte was launched in May 2015 and at present they have more than 70 companies who use their product and are growing continuously. Kompyte has their headquarters in San Francisco and also have an office in Barcelona, Spain.
They received their initial funding of €400k from Rose Tech ventures, Idodi Venture Capital and Alva House Capital.


Kompyte provides new customers with free demo and 14-day trial to explore and get an idea of how the product works for them. Their subscription plans start from $125 per month and they have separate plans for big corporates and larger firms with multiple competitors to track. They recently demonstrated their product at TechCrunch Disrupt event held in San Francisco.

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