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Jason Momoa Steps in to Save Giant Hawaii Telescope – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Jason Momoa Steps in to Save Giant Hawaii Telescope

Jason Momoa at Comic Con
Image Credits: Flickr Gage Skidmore

The Aquaman star Jason Momoa has visited the disputed site in Hawaii for a giant Telescope installation. The actor will try to persuade the natives to understand the importance of the project and allow its construction. Link.



Lyft Stops Electric Bikes Program After Fire

Lyft Electrci bike that caught fire.
Image Credits: Zach Rutta

Lyft has stopped its ambitious electric-bikes program after several bikes caught fire in San Francisco. Link.



Drone Crashes Nearly Misses Kindergarten Class, How Safe Are Drones?

Delivery drone
Image Credits: Flickr

A postal delivery drone crashed and nearly missed a kindergarten class. The incidence has raised several safety questions regarding drones operating in high numbers in future. Link.



This App Can Detect Kidney Disease In Minutes

Doctors in hospital
Image Credits: Flickr Sharp HealthCare

Streams, the app developed by DeepMinds has shortened the test time for acute Kidney injury from hours to minutes and potentially proving to be a lifesaver. Link.



India Might Water Down Its Local Data Storage Laws After US Pressure

Indian Parliament
Image Credits: Flickr np ramkumar

After India decided to make it compulsory for foreign companies to store data in India itself the US companies had started lobbying against it. Finally, it seems that after the pressure from the US government, Trade Department, and big tech companies India might soon water down its local data storage laws in favour of foreign companies. Link.


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