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Is it Easy to Learn Java if You Already Know JavaScript?

If you can already program in JavaScript, then let’s ask you a few questions that will help you navigate on your path of learning Java.

Why Do You Need to Learn Java if You Already Know JavaScript?

If you have decided to learn Java after learning JavaScript, then you should have asked yourself why is java so popular? Well, Java stands the test of time and still grows to sustain its diverse functionalities. By adding Java to your tech stack you can have a bundle of benefits.

Have a Diversified Skill Set

We are living in a dynamic and constantly evolving world. Gone are the times when one person was a master of one programming language. The results of a survey out of the top 30 fortune 500 companies will shock you. None required a single language for their software-based positions. With the shifting paradigms and ease of access, we are capable of absorbing more. Learning Java will help you get to know the diverse working environments these days.

Get Better Working Opportunities

If you have undergone some research about working opportunities for full-stack developers that might have surprised you. Full-stack developers are an asset to the company and its codebase. Moreover, they are known for better collaboration among the front-end and back-end teams.

Elevate Your Revenue

Having multiple languages in your portfolio reflects the flexibility and willingness to stretch your limits. It will dramatically facilitate you shifting tech stacks that are pretty common in our industry. Tech giants having polyglot codebases can get you on board to manage a team of different stacks. It is not possible to stick to a single language. Hence, learning Java will only upgrade your skills, prospects, and revenue.

Myth – Java and JavaScript are Same

First thing first, Java and JavaScript are “not” the same. Let me confess, as a novice programmer I had this notion too. But after getting hands-on training I was fairly amazed.

Key Differences

Let’s discuss some prime differences so you have an understanding of the points of focus.

Use Cases
Java is an object-oriented language majorly used for enterprise-level apps, mobile apps, server-side development, and desktop-based apps.JavaScript is a lightweight and flexible language seen as ideal for web development. However, it’s widely used today for the server-side too.
Data Type Checking
Java is a statically typed language. That means you have to declare the “type” of variables at compile time.   For example, you need to explicitly define an “int” or a “String” before running a program. An “int” type variable can store an integer throughout the program and can not store a string or a boolean value.JavaScript is a dynamically typed language. The data type of a variable is checked at the run time.    For example, a variable can store a value of any data type like integer, float, double, or a string in the same variable. The data types of these variables can be changed during the run time.
int x = 5;
Float y =
String name =
var x = 5;
x =
x =
Runtime Environment
Java runs on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) creating Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on any machine.JavaScript can be easily run on any browser. Or you can run it on any IDE of your personal preference.
Runtime Modifications
Java can not be modified while you run a compiled program.JavaScript developers know how simple it is to alter the code on the go.

Where can I effectively learn Java?

The internet is loaded with tonnes of resources and it is pretty easy to be misled and distracted. CodeGym is an online Java course that implements the 80/20 rule. You can not master programming just by reading books. So here, they facilitate you to exercise your skills by 80% practice. Get the AI assistance to receive instant feedback on your code. This immediate evaluation will rapidly improve your programming skills. By taking this course you will have a clear training path, self-paced learning, and an online community for your support. We suggest you be an active member of the community and consult at least one java blog per week. It will keep you well informed of the beginner problems and current market trends.


We hope by the end you have a clear idea of how your java journey can look like and where you can get started. Good luck and happy learning!

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