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iPhone 6: Making the Noise Already?

iPhone 6The iPhone 6 can be represented as the rectified version of  previous versions. This article will tell you about the launch of the new Apple iPhone 6.

It hasn’t been even 2 weeks since the iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 5 battles were raging, and iPhone 6 already seems to be making the headlines all over the world.

Though it’s too early to predict and anything said about this new flagship device from Apple is most probably a mere rumor, but it is enough to create a serious buzz in the tech world, which as everyone knows is hungry as a hound for even a whisper from Steve Jobs.

With Google’s Android phone sales rapidly covering the distance to dethrone the command Apple iPhone sales have had over the market, speculation regarding a new iPhone 6 is perhaps just what was needed to rescue Apple from a premature defeat possible due to its negligence.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to hit the production line in the last quarter of 2011, and start showing up on the markets sometime in July 2012. The iPhone 6 is believed to be rectified off a lot of technical issues and service errors making it to their previous versions.

It is also expected to pack some punch with a great new feature from Apple that we’ve begun to expect with every launch. It better be true, because Apple didn’t exactly top the popularity charts with the world still recovering from the iPhone 4’s “Deathgrip”.

Here’s a look at some of the “anticipated” features on the iPhone 6

  • 4G on the way: Earlier it was believed that the iPhone 5 would be supporting 4G, but that might take some time, as both the carriers in the USA, that is Verizon as well as AT&T would not be rolling out support for 4G until late 2011. So the iPhone 6 should be expected to support 4G, and it should because Android devices with support for 4G have already rolled out.
  • Wireless battery recharge: Perhaps the most bizarre, yet the most wanted features on the iPhone 6 is its ability to recharge its batteries through induction when kept on a specialized mat. Make way for total wire-free-charger-chucking freedom!
  • Go home, ‘home’: With the increasing competition in the market, Apple might finally remove its iconic home button, giving its users a total edge-to-edge front screen. This feature has always been on the top in the most-wanted list of Apple supporters.
  • Better processor: With the advent of dual-core processing in the Smartphones area, the Apple iPhone 6 should hopefully replace its existing line of 1 GHz processor chips. Its acquisition of PA Semiconductors seems to be a clear indication of this possible evolution.
  • Memory game: Rumors have it that this time around the memory support should go higher, with ranges of 64 GB and 128 GB variants for the iPhone 6 becoming available.
  • Better, cleaner battery: The battery which is soldered into the iPhone makes it unrecyclable, and thus has been a great concern for environmentalist. But with time, the new iPhone is expected to showcase the Organic Radical Battery, which not only is environment-friendly, but has a faster recharge time, as well as more energy density.

All these features are mere speculations and expectations from us tech crazed fanatics. There are many more features which we want to see. A better camera reaching up to 12 megapixels hopefully, cloud support, NFC ability, a new form factor; the wish list is endless. Only time can tell what Santa Jobs would be gifting us from his production this Christmas.

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