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10 iPad 3 Rumors You Need To Know About

iPad 3 has already started having rumors. This article is all about the detailed iPad 3 rumor compilation. 

After the successful running of iPad 2, apple is now going to launch its next version in the form of iPad 3. The grand launching event of iPad 3 will probably be held in the next week of this month in San Francisco. Apple has started giving out invitations for the event with the subject line, “we have something you really need to see. And touch”.

ipad 3 rumor compilation

With the declaration of the launching of iPad 3, a number of rumors associated with it have started emerging round the web.

Though most of the rumors are only like a pinch of salt and are generally about the launching date, location, processor, cameras and display of iPad 3. So here you can browse some of the latest iPad 3 rumors heating up the media and web masses. Here’s a look what the people say about the Apple’s new iPad 3.

1. Launching date of iPad 3 

Though the release date of iPad 3 is March 7, 2012 but it is rumored that due to the uncertainty of weather conditions in Thailand, iPad release date may be extended so far. However, the media have reported that everything is on schedule and there is no change in the launch of iPad 3.

2. iPad 3 has a quad core processor

It is estimated that the new iPad 3 is laced with a brand new quad core ARM based processor-Apple’s A6. These quad core designs have given by ARM partners and Nvidia has already launched the Tegra 3 ensemble with this processor.

3. Siri

The 9to5 Mac has reported that Apple is also going to add Siri Dictation to the iPad 3. In this regard Apple looked through the iOS 5.1 beta 3 settings application for the iPad. A new section of ‘Privacy and Dictation’ has been also noted with the feature information for Siri.

4. Another cheaper model of iPad 3

The speculations also suggest that Apple is also going to release a cheaper model of iPad with the launch of this next generation iPad in order to give a substitution for the Kindle Fire.

5. Price gets down for older iPad versions

It is rumored that the price of previous Apple tablet models gets dropped off after the release of this new next generation’s iPad version.

6. Unconventional usage of previous models

It is also expecting that after the launch of iPad 3, the older version will be used for future researches or they can be used by Orangutan organization that collects all the donated iPads and uses them to help animals communicate with the outer world.

7. The new iPad can be thicker

It is also reported that the new iPad 3 will be slightly thicker as compared to the iPad 2 so that it can have a higher resolution display than the previous model.

8. Bigger Battery

The reports about the size of iPad 3 suggests that there will be a larger battery and higher graphics power in this next generation tablet.

9. NFC chip

One of the rumors at Cult of Mac reports that the new iPad 3 hardware will use NFC chip in it in order to surpass the Macs. This chip will enable the users to work with data and other settings with the flick of the wrist.

10. Better camera

There is also rumors floating around that the slot for this new iPad camera will be better than that of iPad 2. It means the new Apple iPad will support an 8 mega pixel camera just as in the iPhone 4S. It is also stated that the new Apple device will be able to shoot full 1080p HD video with its high resolution camera.

This guest post has been written by Ilya Elbert, who writes for several IT Support Oklahoma City and Computer Repair Oklahoma City national service organizations.

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