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How to Use Whatsapp on Windows 8

In this article we will tell you how to use Whatsapp on Windows 8. Here’s the complete procedure:

People who love to get in touch with friends and family and also want to stay in touch even on the move, they have a great option of having Whatsapp on their Smartphone. If you are thinking about SMS, then it is not the one. SMS seems to be of a former era! Nowadays, people are not much interested in using SMS for communication, as there are other attractive ways available now. People do not prefer SMS these days, and instant messaging apps are preferred a lot by all!

About Whatsapp

Whatsapp is an exclusive cross platform instant messaging application for Smartphone. The performance graph of the Whatsapp is showing up curve for the past few years. The best thing to prove this is the statistics that the app had handled more than 1 billion users as of August 2012. Also, on the New Year day, 2 billion users took advantage of this app! This stat proves that the app is getting increasingly popular. This app is for both users of Android and iOS devices.

However, the downside is this that there is no version of this app available for the Windows Operating System. However, you can make use of this app only if you have a Smartphone as the same app can be used even on your desktop. You can access this app in the Windows 7 /8 /XP/Vista based laptop and desktop computers. You will be surprised to know that to use this app you do need a third party software; however you can use the Android Emulator, to get the job done.

How to Download Whatsapp for Windows 8

You will need Android Emulator and APK version of Whatsapp for the Installation process.

Instructions for Installing Whatsapp on Windows 8-

  1. Start off the process by downloading BlueStacks, an Android Emulator. There are a lot of other emulators available in the market for running Whatsapp on the computers. So, what is special about BlueStacks? It is nothing but BlueStacks is simple, easy and most importantly free to use.
  2. Download BlueStacks App Player to your computer.
  3. After the download is complete proceed with the installation of the software to your system.
  4. This installation will be quick and easy and will not take much time.
  5. Now, if Whatsapp apk is already downloaded on your system, right click to open it by choosing the option Open With for opening it with BlueStacks.
  6. If it is not downloaded then do it within BlueStacks.
  7. For downloading Whatsapp apk within BlueStacks, in the search field type Whatsapp Messenger.
  8. Click on the result that springs up first.
  9. This leads to installation of Whatsapp apk by BlueStacks. Here, BlueStacks takes care of download and installation process.
  10. Now, after the installation is complete, Whatsapp can be used instantly.
  11. Enter a mobile number and remember it should not be used by any other Whatsapp account previously.
  12. A verification code is sent to the mobile number.
  13. There is also a calling option to enable verification. Try this if there is no verification code sent via a message.
  14. After completing all this sync the contacts to the Whatsapp account and, you can start sending messages immediately.
  15. Now enjoy Whatsapp on your Windows 8 computer!

The process of installing Whatsapp on the Windows 8 PC is complete. It is easy and does not demand so much of the time!

Hope this article about how to use Whatsapp on Windows 8 helped you.

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