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How to Send Fax via Internet for Free in India

This article will tell you how to send Fax via Internet for free in India. The complete procedure of sending free fax via internet is explained below.

The Internet has come to serve more than one communication needs of our. Gone are the days when people use the internet to just to mail one another. Now there are only too many ways to communicate via the internet. There are social networking sites, chatting options, video chatting software, blogging, video blogging, video sharing and so many more. Besides all of this, the internet has also come to incorporate other communication means which used to remain outside its domain for a long time. For example, now, one can send text messages to mobile phone numbers all over the world with the use of the Internet. Similarly, it is also possible to exchange fax messages via the internet.

Online fax plays an important role in India too. The process through which online fax is possible is as follows. The service provider translates an electronic document, forms a fax from it and sends it via the Internet. Nowadays, there are many hosts which allow users to send and receive faxes via the internet in India. Costs differ from one provider to another. While some charge users, others provide the service for free. There are some web hosts through which you will be able to send or receive fax using e-mails only while some others require you to install software.

The best thing about Internet fax is that it enables users to send and receive faxes in a very short span of time. It can send from any place to anywhere in the world without facing problems like paper jams or other common problems with fax machines. You are giving a fax number to which you receive faxes. A toll free or local number can also be used as a virtual fax number. Whenever a fax is sent to that number, your service provider will translate it to a file accessible via email and thus, you see a new mail in your Inbox which is your new fax message.

To send free fax via Internet for free in India you need to follow these steps: How to Send Fax via Internet for Free in India

  • Get an email account 
  • Log in to the service provider’s website and create an account for accessing the Internet fax services.
  • Install the Internet fax software on your computer.
  • Write a mail with the message you intend to send as a fax and fill the necessary information of the receiver including their number and destination and then select the send option.

On completion of this process successfully, your fax will be sent via the Internet to your target recipient instantly. As offices are becoming completely computerized, more and more people are discarding their fax machines and using Internet fax. Besides, it does not require one to know about the functioning of the fax machine and is a much faster process.

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