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How to Remove Windows Defender Virus Removal Tool

This article will guide you through different steps on how to remove Windows defender virus removal tool. 

Windows Defender is the default antivirus/antispyware tool that comes preinstalled with Windows 8 so that you don’t have to worry about which antivirus tool is to install on your PC.

Windows Defender automatically alert all users if any spyware or other unwanted program attempts to install itself on the PC. Initially it was considered to be a spyware program when used in Windows XP and Windows 7, but now being introduced with Windows 8, it is nothing less than a complete antivirus program you have on your PC.

Windows Defender has different security agents for different purpose, such as :

  • Internet Explorer Add-ons: Observe Programs that runs when the you start IE.
  • Internet Explorer Downloads:  Observe files that are downloaded by the IE.
  • Internet Explorer Configuration:  Observe Security Settings of the browsers.
  • Autostart:   list of programs that run when you start your computer.
  • Windows Add-ons: Monitors add-on files and programs on Windows.
  • System Configuration: Monitors Security –Settings in Windows.
  • Drivers and Services: Observe Drivers and Services as they communicate with Windows and Programs.
  • Application Registration: Monitors tools and files for the registry.
  • Application Execution: Observes when applications execute and perform any task.

Windows defender offers :

1. Real time Protection : Background guard, on-access scanning, resident shield and autoprotect provide real time protection to the user.

2.  Internet Explorer Integration : user can browse without worrying about the virus attack possible from any website. It keeps running at the back, notify the user if the website is not safe to visit. Also, it scans as you download the files and block them if they are virus infected.

Windows Defender cannot be uninstalled or removed permanently but it can be set to disable mode. Removing Windows Defender is not recommended.

How to disable Windows Defender

1. Press Windows key+C to invoke the charm bar.

2. Click on Search → Apps and Type ‘Windows Defender’ in the Search box.

3. Open ‘Windows Defender’ by clicking on it.

4. Go to Setting → Administrator, and unmark ‘Turn on Windows Defender’.

5. Click on ‘Save changes’ and close the Windows Defender. Windows Defender is now disabled on your PC.

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