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How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 8

In this article we will tell you about how to recover deleted files from Windows 8. Here’s the complete information about it.

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. The software giant claims that it has induced many high end advancements and included features that can enhance the user experience. It is believed that Microsoft had effected more than 10,000 enhancements in Windows 8.

The file management and recovery process in Windows 8 is designed in such way that if something goes wrong, it troubleshoots and fixes the problem automatically or alerts the user to initiate actions to fix those issues.

For example if the laptop or PC is damaged/corrupted, in such scenario, not only there is a monetary loss but the critical data stored therein too would be lost. Window 8 has many recovery options that would backup and restore the data when need arises.

Windows 8 backup is done through the ‘file history’. File account in Windows 8 has a new feature that permits the users to setup a program for saving the documents that are located in libraries, contacts, favorites and it includes documents in SkyDrive as well. File history can get the things done for those locations where the users need to make progress on previous version of a particular document that were overwritten.

When files are deleted, the Windows operating system does not delete them from the hard disk but it just deletes the catalogue entry. Catalogue entry is the one that tells the system about location of the files and marks the storage space as blank allowing for new data to be written. Unless the new files are inscribed, the deleted files are still recoverable.

Recovering file history from backup is very simple and straight forward method. Firstly the computer is to be started by clicking the Start button. Then direct to the folder or file in which the data has been deleted. Right click on it and then select “Restore Previous Versions” option from the pop-up properties menu. Again right click on the drive if the file or folder was at the top level. Then we can observe the list of previous versions of the file or folder. This also shows the files saved on backup as well as restores points, if both are available.

Even the preceding form of the file can be restored. This can be done by right clicking on the file or folder on the position where it was protected. By double clicking, we can restore the previous version of the particular file or folder.  Finally, drag the file or folder that needs to be restored to the desired location. Even if we do not remember the exact file or folder the same can be searched from the library.

Windows 8 also provides the option of restoring the file or folder to its previous state. It can be done by selecting the “Previous Version” option and then clicking the “Open” to view whether it is the desired version of the file or not. Users must make sure of the availability of restore button. If it is not available, they cannot restore the previous version to its previous location. We can only open it to save in a different location.


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