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How to Put iTunes Songs in Order

For downloading song on any Apple device, iTunes is the only software available. This article will tell you how to put iTunes songs in order.

Here, are some easy ways to do that:

How to put itunes Songs in Order

  1. First, let us get the basics cleared. You can see the items in a playlist in iTunes in four ways.
  • Song list: In this type of list, the items are arranged according to the names of the songs.
  • Album list: In this, the songs are arranged according to the names of the albums.
  • Grid list: In a grid view, you get the catalog in the form of a grid view, which shows the cover photos of all the song’s albums.
  • Cover flow: When you select this option, we can see the covers flowing on a screen above the list of songs.

All these features can be accessed by clicking on any of the four buttons in the top right hand corner besides the search field.

Now let us see how to change the order of the songs.

  1. Let us see the way in which songs are placed in an order in the first view option.
  • In this view, you can see several columns like name, time, and artist, album by artist, genre, rating, and plays. A list of musical styles can be enjoyed under Genres like blues, hip-hop, rock etc.
  • Whenever you click on any of the column headers, the iTunes will automatically set your playlist in an ascending or descending order based on the column you have chosen.
  • You can also sort the various song tracks with respect to their duration like shortest to longest by clicking the column headers.
  • For instance, in the name, artist, and album by artist column it will arrange songs according to alphabetical order.
  • While in the time column, the songs would be itemized by the playing time of the particular track.

1. Apart from this you can arrange the songs according to your choice in the following manner:

2. Click on the name of the playlist in the left column, in the iTunes. This will display all the songs present in the playlist.

3. Then tick the checkbox present besides the song that you want to shift in the list.

4. After that, you can drag and drop the song to move it around the list and have a list of your choice.

iTunes Genius

This is one of the new features added in the latest versions of iTunes. This tool allows creating your playlists, discovering new music or mixing the existing music you own. One of the great features of this tool is that it can give you with a playlist, which is already sorted in a predefined manner based on the genres or themes.

You just have to choose one song from your playlist and Genius does the rest for you. This tool comes in handy when you want to order you songs with minimum efforts. Since all the songs from different users are stored in iTunes’s database, Genius uses that data to discover your taste in music, helps keep your time, and reduces your pains.


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