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Iomoio: Yet Another Place to Purchase Music Online

Iomoio the best place to purchase music online and get your favorite music track at reasonable cost.

Music freaks must have tried a lot of places to buy their music, be it DVD stores or online stores, but Iomoio might be one of the most rewarding places to purchase music. No you’re wrong , its not a typo, the name is Head on to this website to get all your favorite music tracks at a very reasonable cost. Also be sure to check out the most recent offers, because that is what sets this website way ahead of its competitors.

Unlike the registrations on many other sites, registering on Iomoio is very easy. Just go to the registration page and just fill the simple form. Unlike iTunes and other music download services you do not need to provide you credit card details at the time of registration.

The site has a refurbished look now and all features are pretty easy to use. Downloading music was never this simple. You can browse through all sorts of music indefinitely or search for what you are looking for. Just click on the buy button in front of a track/album to purchase it. Once you have finished the purchase, that track/album will be available for download through your account.

The songs are provided at a different bitrates and there also exists a grievance redressal mechanism in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the songs.

The Good:

  • 56,000+ artists in the music catalogue
  • Amazing offers and bonuses while recharging
  • All music you purchase is legal
  • Cost per track is about 0.16 USD and additional discount is given on purchasing whole albums
  • High quality tracks are provided
  • The website is pretty much straight forward and easy to use
  • Songs you purchase once can be downloaded again for free
  • No DRM copy protections

The Bad:

  • Funds cannot be added to your account through PayPal
  • Tracks are available at variable bitrates, i.e. you might find one album at 320 kbps but the another album might not be available at a bitrate of 320 kbps
  • The downloaded files are primarily mp3 song downloads, but the option of downloading files in FLAC, or WAV format would have been preferred

Purchasing songs requires you to fill money in your account. This money can be filled using any major credit card or gift certificate or pin code. The credit card option allows you to add money by following a simple online transaction, while the gift certificate and pin code methods require you to enter a code which automatically top ups your funds.

The best thing about the service is the cost at which you can purchase the songs. The rates of the songs might seem similar to what is offered on other websites but the main thing is the bonus that you get when you add funds to your accounts. According to the current scheme on adding a balance of 96 USD you get an additional 106 USD as a bonus. For 48 USD, the bonus is 38USD; for 32 USD, bonus is 18 USD. These offers keep changing and get better every time. Moreover, you get additional discounts if you purchase any full album.


Doesn’t matter if you are a music freak or not, if you ever buy and download mp3 songs then this website is totally worth trying. Just register on the website and try downloading the first 2 free samples and you’ll fall in love with it. Also be sure to check the current offers before adding funds to your account.

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