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How to Fix Corrupted MP3 Files

You may love some of your songs and videos but if they get corrupted you will not be able to go through. Learn how to fix corrupted MP3 files.

Are you having a big collection of MP3 files and frequently face problems in listing to your favorite songs due to damaged MP3 files?

How to Fix Corrupted MP3 Files

The issues with MP3 files could result in poor sound quality which arises due to missing VBR headers, bad codec, poor compression technique and various other issues.

If you are a music fanatic who loves to fix all your MP3 files by re-ripping bad quality files, header issues and cover art then you can check out below programs.

MP3 Diags

It is a powerful application which can help in finding fifty different types of issues with MP3 files and help in fixing them automatically. Some of the common issues which can be fixed by this Application include,

  1. Duplicate headers and tags
  2. Broken headers and tags
  3. Missing VBR headers
  4. Missing covert art and track information
  5. Wrong location of headers and tags (LAME, ID3V2 etc)
  6. Poor Audio quality

It can automatically detect and fix above issues with MP3 files. It can add missing track information in audio files by taking it from internet. It can update cover art from online sources automatically.  It can fix header issues, codec issues and poor audio quality.


It is another simple program which can also find damaged MP3 files and fix audio quality in sound tracks. It can scan the folder of your MP3 files and easily separate the error-free and damaged MP3 files.

It also provides information about the error percentage in each MP3 file so that you can focus more on problematic songs. You can download the free version online, but if you wish to get more features like automatic rename or tag editing, then you should definitely purchase the Pro version.

MP3 Repair Tool 1.5

Another software application which is developed for fixing damaged MP3 files with very less effort is MP3 Repair Tool. It is particularly helpful for beginners as it has simple User Interface and various cool features.

The application is also helpful in fixing corrupt MP3 files by removing frames from beginning or end of each file. The repairing process completes within few seconds and you can get your MP3 files fixed instantly, but this application is not suitable for files which are damaged heavily.


Another popular method to fix your damaged MP3 files is to help of MP3Val which is a very simple program that can analyze the list of damaged MP3 files and clears the errors in them.

It can fix simple issues like incorrect Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), header problems, garbage at the file beginning etc. You can use this program to scan the folder of MP3 files, identify the damaged ones which will be fixed automatically by the program.

All Media Fixer

It is another handy tool which can assist in repairing media files that could not be dragged or played in a single click. It will help in fixing MP3 files which are not properly downloaded from the Internet and also partially damaged files. You can fix different format files like MP3, MPG, WMA, WMV, DIVX, AVI etc. The user-interface is very simple and it has a very good success rate in isolating the fixing the errors in MP3 files.

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