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How to Promote a New Website on Twitter

Promotion of website is an important factor for its better stats, tips for how to promote a new website on Twitter are detailed in this article. 

Social networking sites have stopped being just sites where you make new friends or catch up with old ones. Now, they are powerful marketing tools. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites and needless to say it is also being used to promote new things. So, if you have a new website how can you promote it on twitter?

The first thing you do is check your profile page. This is the page on which you set your status. Remember that new followers will view this page and they will also be looking at your status. So, don’t just load this page with links to your site and other promotional stuff. They should feel that you are also contributing useful information. Mix both up. For instance you could have status update

  • Sharing a link to a promotional feature
  • Sharing a quote related to your niche
  • @ reply of someone
  • A link to a news article not necessarily related to your service or product
  • @ reply of someone
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In purely self promotional terms nothing can beat sending direct messages. When you are setting up an automated system make sure your link should help the other tweeters. For instance if you are a clothing store site then send a link that describes the latest trends. If you are a blogger then you can a link to post twitter tips. If you are not comfortable about sharing a link so soon you can ask a question. If you get answers in the form of a page or article or link then you can share that. This way it doesn’t look as if you are spamming but at the same time letting you use an automated response system.

Another way is to go in for multiple status updates. This is especially useful for those whose site caters to a global audience. So, you can have twitter members following at any given amount of time. You can do a status update for the same link at different times. One tip is to rewrite the title and then share the rewritten titles with different links in various status messages.  For instance if you are a blog writer then you can rewrite “How to promote a new website on twitter” as “How to market a new website on twitter”. You can also re-share a link by thanking people who have re-tweeted.  If a lot people are re-tweeting your link then this may not be possible but it can be really helpful to you.

You can also keep a look out for trending topics and use them to your advantage. This way you can bring back posts and topics which were discarded. This way not only will you catch the eye of your followers but also people who are following the topic. If you are a blogger and you see a trending topic and you have an article on the relevant then this is the time to share it.

You can also set up twitter to save your searches. You can search on a particular keyword which has a question mark. You can include your link in a @reply. This way your link will keep coming up whenever someone searches that question.

As you SEO is a big thing nowadays and keyword play a lot of role in this. So your tweeter posts should contain all possible keywords relevant to your topic. Remember to include the keywords in your links.

You can also set up twitter to be shared on other sites, blogs etc. You can also take advantage of twitter directories.

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