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How to Make Phone Not Reachable

Stop listening those whom you don’t want to listen. Know how to make phone not reachable for avoiding unwanted calls in this article. 

Sick of receiving call afer call from people whom you would rather stay away from? There are ways to stop receiving calls from unwanted people, and that too without letting the person on the other end hear the mesage that you have switched off your mobile. Follow these simple but very effective ways to go unavailable on the phone without offending anyone.

At times, most of us have felt the need to be out of mobile network. The mobile phones have made us available at all times, which is highly stressing sometime! Many a times you need to avoid the caller but at the same time do not want the caller to know that you are intentionally not picking up the calls.

If you switch off your mobile phone, then the message will state that you have purposely switched it off. You must be thinking that if there is a way of making your phone operator say “the number you are calling is out of network” or “the number you are trying is currently out of reach”.

Again mobile jammers also seem not viable! What is the escape from such a situation? Well there are definitively some tricks, and you may evade yourself from the network.

Trick One

Certain places of your house may not have the same signal strength. Keep your phone placed in that area. If you try the number of the how to make your phone not reachableother person from your signal it will say that the call cannot be completed, and the same message will be heard by the person on the other side also. But remember that signal strength keeps fluctuating and so even in this area your mobile may start ringing.

Trick Two

Switch off the mobile when you are not in the network coverage area. This way even if you enter the network you will not be detected by the network, and it will keep citing out of reach.

Trick Three

There is even a better trick-signal blocker pouches and these pouches are readily available online and extremely well tested by the phone users. They work extremely well! They are good to look at, resembling very closely to your mobile cases and may cost you anything between two dollars to twenty dollars.

Wondering how such a small thing can bring such a change? Physics is the answer to it and following the principle that if the hole size of the mesh is lesser than the wavelength, the wave will not be able to pass. This is also called Faraday’s mesh where the electromagnetic waves cannot cross a fine wire mesh close to a cloth.

Trick Four

Keeping the mobile phone in a small tin will also render it unavailable. The principle is the same as in trick three but just ensure to keep it in a closed container.

Trick Five

Put your mobile on flight mode and you will not receive calls.

Trick Six

Try this trick, start dialing a number, and before the call is completed just remove the batteries.

Trick Seven

This trick is easy-just forward all calls to a land-line and remove the receiver from the hook!

The counter effects of trying these tricks

There are serious counter effects when you try these tricks. To begin with you may miss an important call while doing so. Secondly, when you are following these tricks your mobile is trying extremely hard to look for signals, and this is just draining your battery.

The effect is such that a fully charged battery that may last close to three days will lose its entire charge in a matter of five or six hours. You will argue that your network will alert you about missed call via alerts but most networks will charge you extra for that.

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