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How to Make Someone Unfollow You on Pinterest

The unfollow option should also be available, the views can also be changed with time. Learn how to make someone unfollow you on Pinterest. 

Regarding Pinterest

A Pinterest is virtual pinboard , that is pin over the web site on the internet. It allows the users to organize, collect and share all good things beautiful, interesting and pretty on the web to share with millions of people, worldwide, through the internet. The users can share things organized and created by them as well things created by other people by Pinterest. People from and part of the world can share similar interests by this method. The types of interests may be home decoration, wedding planning, food recipes, etc. A pin is always related to Pinterest. It is an image which is added to the Pinterest. These pins can be downloaded from the web sites and added. The images can also be uploaded from the computer. Each pin is added by using the button of “pin it”.

Following and Unfollowing in Pinterest

In pinterest “following” means one can see the pins of the person on the Pinterest. If it updated and images are added or uploaded it will also be shown to the follower automatically. It can also be unfollowed by not notifying the creators of the pins. The creator can also make anyone unfollow his or her pin by various measures for security purposes.

Ways to Make Someone Unfollow on Pinterest How to make someone unfollow you on Pinterest

Today is the era of online and internet safety because of viruses, spams and spammers as well as online abuse.  Thus, all accounts on the internet should kept safe and secure in order to avoid password hacking and protect the accounts. Pinterests can be successfully done through social networking web sites like Facebook.

  • Only suggested friends can follow the pins of any individual.
  • A particular pin should be run and updated by only one individual, who is the creator. No one else can operate it on his/her behalf.
  • Only selected members of a particular group can see and follow the pins, no outsiders are allowed.
  • Any spam or spammers should be immediately reported abuse by the pinterest creator and they will be thus, automatically blocked.
  • Follower selection option should be set by the creator and all others should be filtered.
  • A proper firewall setting should be done in order to avoid comments and uploading of viruses through online hackers.
  • No personal information or confidential data should be disclosed on the pinterests.
  • Privacy settings should be properly created in order to avoid unauthorized access on the accounts, over the internet.
  • Suspicious people should be always avoided from sharing similar interests through these pins. Many of them may also share objectionable pictures and videos through various web sites on the net.
  • It is always better to use pinterests through well known social networking web sites.
  • Methods should be adapted which helps to unfollow people in a bulk and not individually.
  • A user who is following the pin board cannot be directly blocked. However, the pinterest developers are researching to find out a way to make users unfollow.

Importance of unfollowing in Pinterests

Unwanted users should be made to unfollow on the pinterest in order to avoid spamming, hacking, viruses and any other kind of unauthorized access. It is always easier for any present follower to unfollow any person in pinterest but the reverse procedure that is to make someone unfollow from a pin board is far more difficult. Thus, it is always advisable to adapt proper precautions in choosing followers of the pinterests. We use Pinterest application to share interests and thoughts with our friends not with unwanted hackers and spammers. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect our accounts and settings from any type of unwanted access.

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