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How To Make Money As A Teenager: Sure Shot Ways To Succeed

These days growing up, kids live in a world of their own. A world separate from their family and one which includes their friends, hobbies, and fulfillment of teenage pleasures. However, parents try to keep a restriction on the money they provide their teenagers. Due to which many of them wonder how to make money as a teenager

How To Make Money As A Teenager: Sure Shot Ways To Succeed

There is a general notion that offering them huge pocket money will reduce their focus on other essential aspects of their life like studies. This restraint in the money given is often a setback when it comes to these young ones leading a life of their own.

Fortunately, these days, there are a lot of money-making ways even for these kids. Here we will share with you a guide on how you can make money as a teenager.


How to make money as a teenager?

There are multiple easy ways to make money as you grow up. However, since you are still young, always stick to a method that requires little or no investment from your side. Apart from that, do not choose a method that is not legal in any form. It is better to remain in a safe zone when it comes to choosing a way to make money as a teen.


Taking Surveys 

Suppose you are a kid who has a lot of knowledge about the latest trends; you could sign up for survey sites and offer your opinion. Most of the sites are legit and allow students to join them. In fact, teenagers are readily accepted as their opinion holds importance for the advertisers.

Remember, you won’t make a lot of money through this method, but it will be sufficient to pull you through. For more money, you could join more than one survey site. We are mentioning some of the most popular survey sites below.

  • Treasure Trooper
  • Swag bucks
  • Toluna
  • VIP Voice
  • MyPoints
  • Survey Junkie
  • E-poll

To create an account, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Create a new email id which you will use for all notifications from these websites
  • Sign up to all the sites mentioned
  • Set on a survey-taking schedule, as in when you have free time like post-lunch or while going to school.
  • Refer your friends as these sites have a fantastic referral program that offers excellent results.


Start a YouTube channel

An average YouTube channel makes around $1-$20 for every view. So, if you can build a channel and get subscribers, you can imagine the extent of money you can make. However, for this to succeed, you need to have some essential skills that you could share with people. Some of the most shared videos you can make as a teenager are:

  • Study videos on chapters of school, i.e., if you are very good with your concepts.
  • DIY videos about any activity like gardening, playing a musical instrument, any other depending on your interest.
  • Self-help videos encouraging kids to do well
  • Videos showcasing any talent like singing, piano playing, etc.
  • Compiling data and preparing an infographic video

However, there are chances of not getting enough subscribers in the beginning. As you add more content and promote the channel well, the chances of earning also increase.


Sell any old stuff

Here is a straightforward method for those still thinking about how to make money as a teenager. You would have some stuff which you have either not used or are not using at present. Dispose of this by selling it to your friends or schoolmates.

You can post your item on any social media and wait for people’s responses. Some things that you could dispose of this way are:

  • Clothes you don’t need
  • Video games
  • Books
  • Sports goods 
  • Electronic items
  • Stuffed animals
  • Jewelry
  • Toys

If you want, you can sell these items on eBay as more customers are trying to buy something worthwhile on that platform. You should check the reputation of the buyer before you move ahead with finalizing the purchase.



If you have mastered all your study concepts, you could help out other students who have not done so. However, this tutoring is not limited to your studies. You could also teach kids on certain hobbies that you have already excelled in. Some common suggestions are:

  • Sports
  • School subjects
  • Art
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Speech skills
  • Comedy

However, this may not be a very consistent and high-paying job. You will have to work very hard to build a strong base of customers. Once you have established word of mouth, you can hope to get some great returns.


Walk dogs or pet sit

Many people have pets but just do not have the time to take them out for a walk. As a teenager with some time at hand, you could volunteer. The money may not be great, but the effort required is also limited. Plus, you can combine this with your own walk timings and hit two birds with one stone.

Start with someone you know who is already struggling with the same. Apart from that, there are instances when people want to go out, and there is nobody to take care of their pet. You could help them out by suggesting a pet sit. Again decide on a fixed pay before you start with the exercise. Also, if you are not so great with animals, then avoid this technique to make money as a teenager.


Getting a part-time job

Choosing a side hustle or part-time job is another good idea if you are thinking about how to make money as a teenager. There are plenty of jobs that you could choose from and below we mention some of them:

  • Work in a restaurant, sitting at tables. Since this is a shift job, you do not have to miss your studies. However, the shift time may extend as per the regular time.
  • Delivery person- Almost all pizza and food joints need someone to deliver their food. You will, however, need a license to take up this job.
  • Working in retail shops- Do you like window shopping? Use this passion to earn some decent bucks. Just a friendly personality and the desire to help are all you need to excel at this one.
  • Movie theatre- This is one of the fun jobs you could pick up. What’s more, you get to meet a lot of people of your age, which adds to the excitement.
  • Amusement parks- Another shift-based job, you do not need any significant qualifications except having the ability to adjust to the workload.

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Washing cars or mowing grass 

This is one area where a lot of working professionals require assistance. If you have already done the same at home, it becomes easy to land up with a job. You don’t need much time to devote to this particular activity. In return, the pay you get is quite decent. Start with your family and close friends first. If they like your work, it is a confidence booster, and you can paste flyers, so all neighbors get to know.

However, do not take more than you will be able to handle. The quest to earn money should not hamper your studies. Apart from mowing lawns, you could do other yard jobs like raking leaves, shoveling snow, weeding, watering plants, painting fences, etc. Just think about your comfort level with each and then pick the activity that suits you.



Babysitting is not an easy job though the pay-out is pretty decent by the hour. Again start with people who are in your close circles so that they can recommend you to others. These people would recommend you to others who will require such help. You could also sign-up to websites for babysitting jobs. 

Apart from babysitting, you could also pick up a mother’s assistant job. This is a job where you help a new mother handling her daily tasks while she takes care of the baby. However, this job is more suitable for vacation times, and you cannot do it otherwise. Also, tackling a baby requires a lot of patience, and it is better to go for it if you adore them.


Learn any skill 

Skill-based jobs are one of the best ways to earn money as a teenager. They are suitable if you want to make a little more amount than any regular activity will provide. In fact, some of the freelance websites have skill-based jobs in plenty. Once you hone any of the skills perfectly, you can start landing up jobs with ease. Some of the profitable skills that are popular are:

  • Writing and proofreading
  • Bookkeeping
  • Coding
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing

Since you can learn most of these skills online, you do not need to make any investment from your side. 


Selling stuff

If you want an easy way of how to make money as a teenager, choose this one.  You just need to find what kind of stuff your school friends love and buy them at wholesale prices. Later on, you could sell the same at a slightly high person making a profit on the margin. Items that you could sell here are:

  • Candy
  • Soda/Energy drinks
  • Baseball hats
  • Gum
  • Stationery
  • Sports items
  • Accessories

However, make sure that your school has no problem with your doing that. If they have any rule regarding selling stuff, it is wise you do not choose this method to make money.


Create your blog

Many people find a passion they can pursue and create their own blog. However, this will require some hosting expenses and the effort of maintaining the blog. If you want, you can add affiliate links and get a commission on the same. Just remember that the monetizing of the blog takes time, and you will have to wait patiently. There is no trick to start earning from the first month itself. 

Also, the choice of the niche is critical in this case.  If you write what others have already written about, you will most likely not get any followers. Research first on topics that are uncovered and find products related to it and then only make a foray.


Setting up Christmas lights 

Christmas celebrations take a lot of time, and some people just cannot afford that. You can decorate people’s houses by setting up their lights or decorating their Christmas tree. However, such events happen only once a year; hence the potential to earn is slightly limited.

Apart from that, you must have a creative streak in you to choose different decoration styles. Before starting, you must assist someone who is already doing this to get enough exposure.


Teach a language

There are a lot of websites which require tutors for foreign languages. If you have mastered any such language, you can consider this as your alternative. Research on all such platforms and see which one suits you the most. This job can give you good enough earnings provided you have the time to devote to it.


Homework assistance

If you have been helping friends with their homework, you need not think about how to make money as a teenager. You already know many students you could help out with. Start with them and charge only a nominal fee as kids do not have massive amounts to spare.

Apart from that, provide your services only to genuinely deserving kids. If you finish the work for someone who just wants to escape the trouble, their parents may not like it. It is better to avoid picking up a job that could land you in some trouble. If you are on social media, you could advertise your services there. 

Since most of the homework submissions happen online, you could reach out to a broader base of students by doing so. However, do not compromise on your studies just to make some extra money.


Sell stock photos

The internet these days is a thriving hub for all kinds of content. A significant portion of the readers skim through the articles paying more attention to the photos used in them. Hence brands having an online presence keep looking for interesting images to add to their website.

If you love photography or are already trained in it, you can sell your stock photos online. You will find some websites which accept such images meaning an easy earning for you. However, this job will require dedication, and you will have to search locations for some fantastic pictures. Apart from that, you will have to buy a high-grade camera to click some exotic snaps.


Website designing at the local level

Many local businesses would want a website but are unable to do so because of a lack of resources. Try targeting such people and advertise your website designing services to them. Online you can learn all the web development steps and use them for this purpose.

This is a method where you can easily make a good amount every week. That is if you are quick enough to churn out a website a week. It would be better if you keep your prices moderate as such businesses find it tough to spend such a vast amount on one thing. 


Create print on demand t-shirts and sell them

Selling print on demand t-shirts is entirely in the trend, especially if you have a flair for creating some unique memes and statements. Online there are many platforms where you may create t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, shoes, and pillows. You just have to upload your design, and the website takes care of the rest.

You should start off by selling products to your classmates and friends. There is not much investment required, and when you sell the items, you have to charge a margin so that you make some profit. Keep in mind that you do not print anything offensive as this could be a troublesome situation for you.


Referee at the local level

In your neighborhood, many sports events happen every other weekend. It is difficult for such clubs to arrange a professional referee each time. In case you are adept at all the rules and can tackle the aggression of players, this job will be perfect for you.

However, you must not expect any huge earnings from this hustle. Also, some of the jobs may even want you to have an official license to act as a referee. Apart from that, you should also be above 16 years of age to execute this one. Staying close to your sports coach and grasping the techniques would prove helpful in gaining experience.


Personal assistant

Often people are so busy with the regular jobs that they are unable to tackle their home-based duties. You could act as their personal assistant providing help in finishing any pending tasks. You could buy groceries, pick up their post, help out with errands, and set their meeting reminders. Start this activity with your parents first. 

Only if you feel you have the bandwidth to run around to finish someone else’s tasks should you pick this as a job. Sometimes your own relatives may ask you for assistance, especially if they have loads of professional commitments. Form an amicable relationship with each of your clients so that they recommend you further. This is the perfect opportunity that you can start and establish and extend when the school reopens.


Investing in the stock market 

Tackling the ups and downs of the stock market is not easy. Therefore you should take this up only if you think you can accept both the profit and loss. A considerable teenage population is learning how to invest in the stock market as the returns here can be very huge.

Trading platforms like Stockpile and Robinhood allow you to start your investing with small amounts. Build up a portfolio and sell the stocks when you see there are chances of loss. Learn how to read the market charts and observe how the markets work.

The stock market is essentially strategy and luck balanced together. You will have to wait patiently until you are able to comprehend how things move. Try and read sufficient materials as the more insights you gain, the better it is.


Camp counselor

You would have attended lots of summer camps by now. Obviously, that means you know how these camps operate. If you have a flair for handling the kids and managing them, start looking around. Some summer camps advertise such openings on the internet.

It is possible that you will not make loads of money here. Also, this job may be limited to only vacations. Once your holidays are over, you are back at having nothing in your hand.


Online customer service

When you call any company, there is a customer service rep who answers your call. The job requires them to handle any questions and doubt clarifications coming from the customers. U-Haul is one of the companies which hires students for this job.

They will provide you some formal training in handling calls before you start. Also, pay ranges from $7-$8.5 per hour. For any teenager, this is not a bad deal as you gain hands-on experience in the field. In the future, if you want, you can pursue the same as your career choice.



Teenagers have a flair for listening to music and learning the lyrics. Are you also one among them? IF yes, then don’t let your talent go to waste. Sign up to become a transcriptionist as this is one job that you can do from your home itself.

You just have to listen to audio files and write the content down in a text file. Rev ($1/minute) and TranscribeMe ($15-$22 per hour) are two platforms that help you earn from your transcription skills.  The payout received is good enough, but the ensuing hard work might be a bother.


Become a lifeguard

Come summers and all clubs and hotels with swimming pools start looking for teenagers who can act as lifeguards. This remains one of the easy ways to get money for a teenager as you do not need any significant skills to ace this job.  You should be good with your swimming skills, have a fast response, and the ability to handle demanding users. An average lifeguard can make $10/hour, which is not bad considering the extent of hard work required.


Rent your video games 

Do you own a huge collection of video games that you do not play much with? Instead of disposing them off, you can rent them out to other kids. Start with shortlisting the games you would like to rent out. Next, set the price you will set for each rental.

Though you will get many video gaming enthusiasts in your friend circle, you could also look for more in the Facebook marketplace. The more, the merrier as you gain in the end. Keep the price reasonable to get in more loyal customers.


Rent your car

This works for you if you are above 16 and have your own vehicle. You could rent the car to your friends on days when you are not using it. Of course, in this case, you will get a rate depending on the condition and model of your car. Certain apps give you an estimate of the rental price of your car based on its details.

 Remember that this method to earn money as a teenager has a risk associated with it. The borrower might damage your car, and the repair cost will be more than what you made. To escape that, lend your vehicle only to people you are sure will take care of it.


Complete tasks on Amazon MTurk

For kids above 14, this is one of the most unique and straightforward ways to earn money. All you have to do is register and get confirmed on their website. Post that, you can accomplish many tasks like data entry, surveys, and micro-tasks that companies assign to you.

Eventually, this is a good situation for all parties involved. You get decent earning every month while the companies get their jobs done without hiring an external agency. In this case, pick up the tasks that you are sure you will manage to complete. Leaving your jobs midway could spoil your reputation in the long run.

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As a young man or woman, you need not feel how can a teenager make money fast and easily. The above jobs provide you ample opportunity to earn easy money. In fact, you can pursue some of these jobs even after your schooling is over. 

But it is essential not to take up any job without doing your share of research. Since you are going to put in a lot of effort, pick up something that you are passionate about. Initially, you might take some to get used to the job, but once you settle down, you will enjoy the freedom that accompanies it.

Do inform your parents about your new job. They should be aware of your whereabouts so that they do not worry about you. Also, they might have some suggestions for you and having a brief discussion with them before starting is a good idea.

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